Michael Ball Show

18 March 2018
BBC Radio 2 (UK)

Presenter Michael Ball interviews Kim about her new album ‘Here come the aliens’ and the UK tour that follows in March/April.
During the show, Kim, Ricky and Scarlett Wilde plus Neil Jones perform acoustic versions of ‘Pop don’t stop’ and ‘You came’.

Here Come the Aliens

Released on 16 March 2018, ‘Here Come the Aliens’ was Kim Wilde’s fourteenth studio album. It was released by Wildeflower Records and Ear Music. A deluxe edition of the album, featuring a second CD, was released on 19 October 2018.


The twelve tracks on the album are all original songs, written by Kim Wilde and/or Ricky Wilde and various collaborators. Only ‘Birthday’ was written by Scarlett Wilde and Shane Lee, making this the only track on the album not co-written by Kim or Rick. Musically, the album references Eighties pop, with influences by earlier Kim Wilde tracks (‘Pop Don’t Stop’) and various Eighties artists such as Gary Numan and Blondie.


The album features the tracks 1969, Pop Don’t Stop, Kandy Krush, Stereo Shot, Yours ’til the End, Solstice, Addicted to You, Birthday, Cyber.Nation.War, Different Story, Rock the Paradiso and Rosetta.
The deluxe version of the album added a second cd, featuring the tracks Amoureux des Rêves, Fight Temptation, Yours ’til the End (Infinity Mix), Stereo Shot/1969/Different Story (Numinous Mix), Cyber.Nation.War (Keyboard Warrior Mix), You Came (live), Cambodia (live) and Kids in America (live).


The cover of the album was created by Scarlett Wilde, who spent over two years at art college in Australia. She created a ‘Fifties movie poster’ with UFO’s, aliens and the Paradiso venue (located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands) in the background while a despairing Kim Wilde looks up to the sky from the lower right corner. The image was inspired by the poster for the movie La terra contro i dischi volanti.


‘Here come the aliens’ was released as a CD and yellow vinyl LP. In Germany, a box set was released including the CD and the yellow vinyl LP, two art cards and a canvas of the album cover. A limited edition red vinyl LP was made available a few months after the original release of the album, as well as a limited edition picture disc LP in a gatefold sleeve. Digital downloads were made available worldwide.
See also this page in the discography.

Kim about Here Come the Aliens

It did take many years to come to be. It didn’t just happen because we kindof hit gold. It was many years in the making, that album. It really is one of my all-time most favourite albums we’ve been involved in making. (1)


Guitar, keys and backing vocals: Ricki Wilde
Drums, percussion: Jonathan Atkinson
Bass: Paul Cooper
Guitar: Neil Jones
Keys, piano: Steve Power
Backing vocals: Scarlett Wilde
Guest vocals on ‘Rosetta’: Frida Sundemo
Recorded at Dog House Studios and RAK Studios
Mixed at Rak Studios by Sean J. Vincent and Ricki Wilde
Produced by Ricki Wilde

Chart performance

Austria: 34 (1 week)
Belgium (Flanders): 48 (4 weeks)
Belgium (Wallonia): 93 (4 weeks)
France: 68
Germany: 11 (3 weeks)
Netherlands: 74 (1 week)
Switzerland: 10 (4 weeks)
UK: 21 (2 weeks)

Interview source

(1) Unsung Heroes podcast, 23 July 2021


14 March 2018
ARD (Germany)

Interview with Kim on the eve of the release of her new album ‘Here come the aliens’. She talks about touring, her father and brother who helped her during her career and the inspiration behind her new album.


Song written by Ricky and Kim Wilde.
Ninth track on the album Here Come the Aliens.


There are three versions of ‘Cyber.Nation.War’: the album version, the Keyboard Warrior mix and a live version recorded in Haarlem, released on the album Aliens live.

Live performances

‘Cyber.Nation.War’ was performed live during the Here Come the Aliens Tour and during the Return of the Aliens Tour.

Kim about ‘Cyber.Nation.War’

‘Cyber, Nation, War, three separate words, which help to describe my feelings about social media sometimes. You know, the haters, the one that got nothing good to say. Why go there? I just don’t understand and they can cause so much pain for so many people. So much trouble. This album has a good old pop at anyone who’s naff enough to do anything that naff on social media.”


Drums: Jonathan Atkinson
Bass: Paul Cooper
Guitar: Neil Jones
Keyboards, guitar: Ricky Wilde
Backing vocals: Kim Wilde, Ricky Wilde & Scarlett Wilde


You hide behind a cyber screen,
Feeling so protected ‘cos you know you can’t be seen,
But words can play a dangerous game,
It only takes a second but your life wont be the same,
So tell me how do you sleep at night?

Anonymous vitriol from a dark place in your soul,
Catch you sooner or later, gonna call you a hater,
What you have to do that for?
I just can’t take any more, of waking up,
To another Cyber.Nation.War.
Words from the tap of a finger,
But you better remember,
Words have the power to kill,
Better think twice ‘bout the message you send,
What you have to do that for?
I just can’t take any more, of waking up,
To another Cyber.Nation.War.


How do you sleep at night?
Where does your resentment lie?
It’s time to face the truth,
The one you hate the most is you.
How can you be so cruel?
I can’t believe it’s you,
So now you’ve had your fun,
The nightmare has just begun.

Your cowardly malicious lies,
Cause only devastation to everybody’s lives,
You’d never say it to their face.
And never know the consequences ’til it’s all too late,
So tell me how do you sleep at night?