Kim Wilde: Beyond the Glitter and Gold

Kim Wilde: Beyond the Glitter and Gold is a book written by Amanda Geraldine and published in 2024. The text was most probably generated by AI. The book has no illustrations except for the cover, on which Kim looks almost unrecognizable.

Release date: 8 January 2024
Written by: Amanda Geraldine
Publisher: Independently published / Amazon Fulfilment
Number of pages: 34
ISBN: 9798874382643


Klassfesten (‘The Class Reunion’) is a Swedish comedy drama movie from 2002, directed by Måns Herngren and Hannes Holm and starring Björn Kjellman, Cecilia Frode, Inday Ba, Henrik Hjelt, Lisa Lindgren and Ulf Friberg. In the movie, 35-year old Magnus Edkvist hates class reunions as much as anyone and usually skips them. Still he accepts an invitation for a reunion for a class he left over twenty years ago. But he has his reasons, as there is a chance that his teen love Hillevi will show up. The girl he wanted to run away with and share the rest of his life.

The soundtrack of the movie features the song Cambodia by Kim Wilde, as well as tracks by David Bowie, The Sweet, Cat Stevens and The Specials.

Keuze Van Janine Jansen (de)

Book in which 22 celebrities write a story about their favourite classical work. Kim Wilde describes the Romeo and Juliet Overture by Tchaikovsky in two pages.

Release date: 1 November 2009
Publisher: Nieuw Amsterdam
Number of pages: 124
ISBN: 9789046806630
Book description:
Janine Jansen, world famous violinist, has asked 75 famous people from home and abroad to entrust them to the paper (following books such as Stranded, Rock and Roll for a Desert Island and Groeten van Rottumerplaat. The decisive album according to a hundred writers). what they think is the most beautiful piece of classical music of all time and why this made a big impression on them. Part of the proceeds of the book will go to a good cause: Music in Me (

Kim Wilde, Nik Kershaw: Tour of Australia 2013

This Australian tour booklet contains many pictures of Kim Wilde and Nik Kershaw. They both contribute an introduction and answer a questionnaire. Bios of Ricky Wilde and Scarlett Wilde are also included.

Release date: 16 October 2013
Number of pages: 16

Kids in Australia

Song written by Ricky & Marty Wilde, and adapted by the band Game Over. Cover version of Kids in America.
Their version was released on their 1998 album ‘Shotgun’, featuring eight original songs and this cover version. (plus a hidden track, a cover version of the ‘Sesame Street’ theme tune).


Looking out a dirty old window
Down below the cars in the city go rushing by
I sit here alone
And I wonder why

Friday night and everyone’s moving
I can feel the heat but it’s shooting
Heading down
I search for the beat in this dirty town

Down town, the young ones are going
Down town, the young ones are growing

We’re the kids in Australia
We’re the kids in Australia
Everybody live for the music-go-round

Bright lights the music gets faster
Look boy, don’t check on your watch
Not another glance
I’m not leaving now, honey not a chance

Hot-shot, give me no problems
Much later baby you’ll be saying never mind
You know life is cruel, life is never kind

Kind hearts don’t make a new story
Kind hearts don’t grab any glory

We’re the kids in Australia
We’re the kids in Australia
Everybody live for the music-go-round

Come closer, honey that’s better
Got to get a brand new experience
Feeling right
Oh don’t try to stop, baby, hold me tight

Outside a new day is dawning
Outside Suburbia’s sprawling everywhere
I don’t want to go baby

New York to East California
There’s a new wave coming I warn ya

We’re the kids in Australia
We’re the kids in Australia
Everybody live for the music-go-round

We’re the kids
We’re the kids
We’re the kids in Australia


An anonymous group of singers and musicians under the name of Kizooks released an album of Eighties cover versions in 2004. Entitled ‘Super Huge, Very Big Hits’, the album contained cover versions of ‘What I like about you’, ‘Walkin’ on sunshine’, ‘Walk like an Egyptian’ and Kids in America, amongst others.

The identity of the singers remains undisclosed. There were no other albums by Kizooks, although ‘Walk like an Egyptian’ did end up on a compilation album released by Koch Records in 2005.

Kids in Quarantine

Cover version of Kim Wilde’s Kids in America, recorded by Joe Trey. The song features an altered title and altered lyrics. The newly written lyrics were made by Joe Trey.

The track was released on 21 May 2020 as a video on YouTube. The song describes the events during the global crisis caused by the coronavirus Covid-19.


Stuck inside, nowhere I can go now
Not outside, the government they just tell me no
Shelter in place for a little while

Friday night and nobody’s groovin’
Stores are closed and nobody’s moving or gettin’ down
Netflix and takeout is all we got

Inside the young ones are groaning
Inside the parents are moaning
We’re the kids stuck in quarantine
We’re the kids stuck in quarantine
Everybody’s dreaming just to go out

Each day is just like the other
Soon call teachers and grandmothers when will it end?
I can’t remember what day it is

Homework and virtual classrooms
Principal’s now my mom and my dad, now help me please
This life is cruel when you’re stuck inside

Inside the young ones are groaning
Inside the parents are moaning
We’re the kids stuck in quarantine
We’re the kids stuck in quarantine
Everybody’s dreaming just to go out

I’m a parent working from home now
Once laid off, they’re calling in furlough just for now
I’m wondering when things will be alright

Kids are home, I’m pulling my hair out
Where’s my phone, it’s stolen again now give it back!
I’m clearly riding this crazy train

Outside it looks so inviting
Wear a mask if you go out shopping
My kids stuck in quarantine – with me!
Your kids stuck in quarantine – with you!
Everybody’s dreaming just to go out

Knees up Mother Brown

Song originally published in 1938, by which time it had already been known for some years. It dates back to at least 1918 and appears to have been sung widely in London on November 11 of that year, Armistice Night, at the end of the First World War. The 1938 version was attributed to Bert Lee, Harris Weston and I. Taylor.

The song became popular in English public houses and was particularly associated with Cockney culture. During the Second World War it was performed frequently by Elsie and Doris Waters. It was also later performed on television by Noel Harrison and Petula Clark singing as a duo.

The expression “knees up” came to mean a party or a dance. Originally, the phrase referred to the position of the woman in sexual intercourse.

During the radio programme ‘Jammin”, broadcast on BBC Radio 2 on 31 August 2006, Kim was invited to perform this song in the style of Marilyn Monroe. She combined the song with a few lines from Chas & Dave’s ‘The Sideboard Song’.


Knees up Mother Brown
Knees up Mother Brown
Under the table you must go
Ee-aye, Ee-aye, Ee-aye-oh
If I catch you bending
I’ll saw your legs right off
Knees up, knees up
Don’t get the breeze up
Knees up Mother Brown

I don’t care
I don’t care
I don’t care if he comes round here
I’ve got my beer in the sideboard here
Let your mother sort it out
If she comes round here


The Swedish duo Kurz released an album called ‘Volume 1’ in 2016, featuring only cover versions of songs from the Eighties. One of the tracks on the album was a cover version of Cambodia.

Kids de France

Cover version of Kim Wilde’s Kids in America, recorded by Oi Banner. The song features an altered title and altered lyrics. The newly written lyrics – almost entirely a literal translation of the original lyrics – were made by Rico Banner.

The track appeared on an untitled Split EP by Oi Banner and You Stupid Woman, released digitally on 6 October 2016.


Observant la ville à travers une vieille fenêtre sale
Juste en bas les voitures foncent à vive allure
Je suis assis seul ici et me demane pourquoi

Vendredi soir et tout le monde bouge
Je peux sentir cette chaleur énivrante
Fonçant je cherche le rythme dans cette ville pourrie

En ville tous les jeune y arrivent
En ville tous les jeunes y grandissent

Ouais nous sommes les kids de France
Ouais nous sommes les kids de France
Tout le monde vibre au son de la oi

Les lumières brillent, la musique s’accélère
Ecoutes ma fille, pas de montre, pas d’autres coup d’oeil
Je ne pars pas maintenant, tu n’as aucune chance

Championne ne me crées pas de problèmes
Beaucoup plus tard, tu m’diras qu’c’n’est pas grave
La vie est cruelle, la ville intolérante

Les coeurs tendres n’aiment pas les histoires
Les coeurs tendres se moquent bien de la gloire

Ouais nous sommes les kids de France
Ouais nous sommes les kids de France
Tout le monde vibre au son de la oi

Viens plus près de moi ma douce tu verras
Je veux avoir de nouvelles expériences
Je me sens si bien ne t’arrêtes pas bébé

Tiens moi fort, un nouveau jour qui se lève
Dehors la banlieue qui s’etend de partout
Je ne veux pas partir ouais ma chérie

De Caen à l’Est de la Lorraine
La OI! arrive et se déferle

Kandy Krush

Song written by Kim Wilde, Frederick Thomander, Anders Wikström and Ricky Wilde.
Third track on the album Here Come the Aliens.


There are seven versions of ‘Kandy Krush’: the album version, a radio mix and the ‘Push The Button Remix’, created by Ricky Wilde; the ‘Discordia mix’, created by Dan Peters; plus the Wideboys radio edit, Wideboys club remix and Wideboys dub remix, created by Wideboys.

Music video

The music video for ‘Kandy Krush’ was premiered online on 16 March 2018, on the day of the release of the album.

Live performances

‘Kandy Krush’ was performed live during the Here Come the Aliens Tour in 2018 and 2019 and during the Return of the Aliens Tour.

Kim about ‘Kandy Krush’

It’s a rock pop track, inspired by my band. When I wrote the song with some Swedish songwriters in Stockholm, I wanted to write a track that was gonna light up the stage. (1)

‘Kandy Krush’ came because I said I wanted to write a song that’s a bit like a Billy Idol sort of ‘White Wedding’ thing. Let’s go down that road. Everyone starts off with a ‘let’s try something a bit like that’ or, something kick it off. Billy Idol kicked off that song for us. (2)


Drums: Jonathan Atkinson
Guitar: Neil Jones
Keyboards, guitar: Ricky Wilde
Backing vocals: Kim Wilde, Ricky Wilde, Scarlett Wilde

Interview sources

(1) BBC Breakfast, 14 March 2018
(2) Unsung Heroes podcast, 23 July 2021


There’s a light, there’s a light, there’s a light in your eyes tonight,
Feeling high, feeling high so high I’m gonna fly tonight.

Wanna know what I’m feeling?
Something here needs revealing.
Come here baby got to show you or I swear
I’m gonna die tonight!

Take a chance make it nice and slow.. oh oh oh..
Touch me I’ll follow and I’ll show you where to go.
Don’t be scared of this taste so sweet,
Is this a Kandy Krush I’m feeling?

Push the button, push push push the button cos
its right tonight.
Do you want to take a chance cos you know
I really might tonight.
Wanna know what I’m feeling?
Something here needs revealing.
Come here baby got to show you cos
I swear I’m gonna die tonight.

Taste so sweet, I want Kandy..
Taste so sweet, I want Kandy..


Born in Beverwijk (Netherlands) on 1 October 1980, Kim-Lian van der Meij is a Dutch singer, actress and presenter. She comes from a musical family: both her parents were dancers.
During her childhood, Kim-Lian participated in dancing contests and local playback shows. When she was six, she was a contestant in the Mini Playbackshow on Dutch national television, dancing and miming to Kim Wilde’s song You Keep Me Hangin’ On.

At sixteen, she enrolled in casting and modeling agencies. She was regularly asked for fashion shows, photo shoots and guest roles in TV series.
In September 2003 she released a single, ‘Teenage Superstar’, which became a Top 10 hit in the Netherlands. It led to her debut album, released in May 2004, called ‘Balance’. This album contained a cover of Kim Wilde’s song Kids in America. This cover was subsequently released as a single in the Netherlands, reaching no. 15. The album was released internationally and became very successful in countries like Belgium, Italy, Indonesia and South Africa. Her second album ‘Just Do It’ was released in 2006. It wasn’t as successful as her first album.

Kim-Lian moved on and focused on musical acting, starring in the Dutch musical ‘Doe Maar’ throughout 2007. In May 2008 she gave birth to her daughter Ronja Emma. After working in several other musicals and television programmes for two years, she gave birth to son Sean William in April 2010. This didn’t lead to a quiet life: she debuted in the musical ‘Legally Blonde’ in the Netherlands in October 2010.