Peruvian singer, born as Marcela Sánchez. She debuted in 1982 with the single ‘Rompiendo Mi Corazón’. In 1984 she released another single, ‘Vuelve Otra Vez’, which was a Spanish-language cover of Water on Glass. A third release happened in 1988, when she contributed ‘No Vas A Hacerme El Amor’ to a compilation album called Radio Rock.

Malon, Matthieu

Matthieu Malon, also known by his pseudonym Laudanum, released his debut album Froids in 2000. It was followed by Les Jours Sont Comptés (2004). In 2012 he recorded a cover version of Cambodia.

Three further albums were released since then: Peut-être Un Jour (2014), Désamour (2017) and Le Pas de Côté (2019).

My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean

‘My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean’, or simply ‘My Bonnie’, is a traditional Scottish folk song that is popular in Western culture. The song has been recorded by numerous artists since the beginning of the 20th century, and many parody versions also exist.  The best known recording of the song may be a rock n’ roll version titled ‘My Bonnie’ by Tony Sheridan and the Beatles, recorded in the first ever commercial recording session that featured the Beatles, and the resulting single is generally regarded as the Beatles’ first single.

Kim Wilde sang the first verse of the song during a French TV programme called ‘Vitamine’, broadcast on 8 October 1986, as part of a larger appearance in this programme. It is still the only time she performed this song in public.


My Bonnie lies over the ocean
My Bonnie lies over the sea
My Bonnie lies over the ocean
Oh bring back my Bonnie to me

Bring back, bring back
Bring back my Bonnie to me, to me
Bring back, bring back
Bring back my Bonnie to me

Marco V

Born as Marco Verkeylen in Heeswijk-Dinther (Netherlands) on 3 April 1967, Marco V is a Dutch electronic music DJ. Marco V was the resident DJ of Danssalon in Eindhoven. His breakthrough came in 2000 when he performed at Innercity in Amsterdam.

On 2 July 2005 and 5 July 2008 Marco V played on Sensation White and in 2002 on Sensation Black. Marco V has also been performing on Dancetour (formerly Boulevard of Dance) since 2001. With Signum he will create Lost World Anthem 2017 in 2017 for the party of the same name.

In 2009, he released Coma Aid, a trance version of Cambodia. The track also appeared on the album ‘Propaganda Part 1’, released in the same year.


Kim Wilde’s music lends itself well to movies, and her songs have been used frequently in movies throughout her career. This page aims to bring together encyclopedia descriptions of movies featuring songs by Kim Wilde. Click on the links to find out more about the individual movies.

More Of The Best Of Jackie Annual

Book published on 3 September 2007. Compilation from the annual books of this girls magazine, which ran between 1975 and 1994. It features stories, comics, tests and puzzles.
Kim is featured on two pages: on page 3 she appears in a small colour photograph, and on page 144 the article Star Styles is reprinted.

Release date: 3 September 2007
Written by: Lorna Russell (editor)
Publisher: D.C. Thomson & co.
Number of pages: 146
ISBN: 9781853756269


Magnet is a British kitchen retailer, operating in the UK. Magnet was established in Bingley, West Yorkshire in 1918 by Tom Duxbury. Legend has it that Duxbury traded his horse for a firelighting company and named his new company Magnet after the horse. During the 1920s Magnet pioneered the mass production of joinery, door and window products and soon began supplying joinery components for major construction projects. New operations were opened in Keighley, Grays and Knaresborough to satisfy demand for the growing business. Kitchen products were introduced in 1970, and soon after, a new factory in Darlington was established to manufacture joinery and kitchen furniture. In April 2001, Magnet was acquired by Nobia, a Swedish-based kitchen company. Significant investments were made in the company, with a multimillion-pound showroom refurbishment programme.

In 2008, Kim Wilde was attracted to promote a so-called ‘kitchen ecolution’. In advertorials she gave tips on how to recycle and save energy in and around the kitchen.


Martinez Maya, Javier

Musician hailing from Bogota, Colombia, who has released dozens of instrumental new age albums and cover versions of popular songs. His album ‘The Best Parties of the 80s’, released in 2008, features a cover version of Kids in America.

Mickey Trump

Mickey Trump is a French punkrock band, consisting of Marine (vocals), Arnaud (guitars), Julien (drums) and RV (bass, backing vocals). In October 2020 they released three tracks; cover versions of ‘What’s Up’ (4 Non Blondes), ‘Blinding Lights’ (The Weeknd) and Kids in America.

Mornay, Luke

Born as Luke Mourinet in St Claude, Guadeloupe (France), Luke Mornay is a French producer and recording artist. He started his career in 1991 as a DJ & songwriter in France, Producing local artists and later went on to London and served as a French market talent scout for Pete Waterman Entertainment. He relocated to Belgium and formed remixing Duo Ruff and Jam (together with Jean-Marie Moens a.k.a. Ruff), finding international success with a remix of Kylie Minogue’s ‘Love at First Sight’.

In 2011, he co-wrote tracks for the solo album of Hooverphonic’s ex lead singer Geike Arnaert. As a mix engineer he got credited on releases for singles, remixes and albums for Craig Armstrong, Robbie Williams, Amy Winehouse, Frou Frou, The Killers, Marianne Faithful, Sophie Ellis Bextor and Axelle Red.

Shortly after these efforts, Mourinet started a Chicago house‐influenced project under name Fortun8 Fellaz, with releases quickly scooped up by Fatboy Slim’s Southern Fried Records.

In 2020, Cherry Pop released his remixes of Kids in America, Cambodia and View From a Bridge on deluxe releases of Kim Wilde’s first two albums Kim Wilde and Select.

Mi Primer Jardín

Spanish translation of Kim’s book First-time Gardener. It was released in March 2007 by Blume.
The book is identical to the English edition, except for the language.

Release date: 1 March 2008
Written by: Kim Wilde
Publisher: Blume
Number of pages: 224
ISBN: 9788480767507


Minipops was a television series broadcast in 1983 in the United Kingdom. Designed primarily for younger viewers, it consisted of music performances on a brightly coloured set featuring pre-teen children singing then-contemporary pop music hits and older classics. The children were usually made to look like the original performers, including clothing and make-up.

The show was cancelled after the first year (due to the controversial adult lyrics), but a new kid spin-off group from London called the Mini-Pops was created and they released albums by K-tel in 1982 and 1983. The album ‘We’re the Minipops’, released in 1982, featured a cover version of Kids in America, as well as other pop songs from 1981 and 1982.

Their popularity soared in Canada after a tour there in 1983, prompting a final album on K-tel (‘Christmas’). With the rights by then picked up by Quality Records in Canada, a couple more LP’s followed. The last Minipops release happened in 1989.