Welcome to the machine

Documentary made by Andreas Steinkogler and released to DVD in January 2013. Is there a set path to glory? Or does it all come down to luck and coincidence, charisma and talent? Based on numerous interviews the music documentary ‘Welcome to the machine’ traces the inner workings of the global music business. It features interviews with many artists, including Kim Wilde.

Weird Science

1985 fantasy/comedy movie featuring Anthony Michael Hall, Ilan MItchell-Smith and Kelly LeBrock. Two high-school geeks use a computer to create the most beautiful woman imaginable, who will cater to their every desire. But when they get her, she proves to be a lot more than they can handle. But with her help, the two discover that they are not the cowering geeks they thought they were.
Kim recorded the track Turn It On especially for the soundtrack of this movie.

Kim about Weird Science

How did you get involved in the soundtrack to ‘Weird Science’?
The film company that made ‘Weird Science’ is ‘Universal’ who are owned by the MCA group of companies. The film was directed by John Hughes, who also directed ‘The breakfast club’, which was a hugely successful film. ‘The Breakfast Club’ had a soundtrack LP which sold very well and spawned ‘Don’t You Forget About Me’ which was a No. 1 in the USA. The LP was also due to be released on MCA Records (my record company), so it was a natural progression. (1)

Interview source

(1) Kim Wilde Fanclub Magazine, Vol. 5 no. 3

Space Riders

Space Riders is a movie about the 1982 motorcycle racing world championships, featuring the champion Barry Sheene.

In fall 1983, rumours were going around that Kim Wilde would be playing the part of a motorcycle racer’s significant other. This was however something Kim didn’t know about, and so the movie eventually didn’t feature her.

Shoot the DJ

Movie, officially released on 10 May 2010. Directed by Dan Peters, Andre Renner, Sean Vincent and Ricky Wilde and written by Sean Vincent.

Sean (Sean Vincent) and Dan (Dan Peters) are two DJ’s with a one-hit-wonder past. Thanks to a remix by another DJ, they scored a second hit with the same song two years later… but that was three years ago. Now the money has run out, and so has time. If they don’t find a new source of income fast, they’ll lose everything. Thanks to the internet, they discover a recipe for making money… and that involves dealing with some of the club scene’s nastiest characters. They embark on a tour like no other… Clubs, drugs, guns and lots of music… But just when they think they’ve got away with the deal that will end their adventure and allow them to go home, things take a very unexpected turn.

The movie features guest roles by Tony Hadley, Victoria Hopkins and short appearances by Scarlett Wilde and Kim.

Kim attended the premiere of the movie in Hitchin on 20 December 2009.

Shane (movie)

This classic western movie was released in 1953. Produced and directed by George Stevens and starring Alan Ladd in the title role, this movie contained every element of a typical western story. The story, adapted from the Jack Schaefer novel, starts when Shane, a buckskinned horseman arrives from nowhere in a Wyoming valley and hires on as a farmhand with an isolated ranch family. They have been menaced for a long time by a neighbouring rancher out to steal land with the help of his arrogant cowhands, his brother and a vicious hired gunman.

Shane becomes attached to the family he’s landed into, and tries everything but violence to stop the neighbouring clan from stealing land. In the end he finally confronts them, vanquishes them and rides away to disappear; wounded, possibly dying, in classic cowboy hero fashion, into the sunset, alone. As he does this, his name’s called by the boy who tells the story in this movie.

An Academy Award went to Loyal Griggs for best color cinematography; Oscar nominations to Jack Palance (the gunman), Brandon de Wilde, screenwriter A. Guthrie and the film itself.

The song Shane was inspired by this movie. What’s more, Kim sings “Shane” at the end of the song in pretty much the same way the boy calls this name at the end of the movie.


1982 horror-movie by Italian director Dario Argento featuring Anthony Franciosa, John Saxon, John Steiner, Guiliano Gemma and Daria Nicolodi.
The movie was originally called ‘Sotti Gli Occhi dell’Assassino’ or ‘Tenebrae’ by Argento, but it was released as ‘Shadow’ in Japan and as ‘Unsane’ in the United States.

It is a movie about an American detective story writer who visits Rome on a promotional tour. He finds himself entangled in a series of murders of young women. There are certain resemblances to his most recent novel. Coming under suspicion, he starts to investigate, aided by his agent, who subsequently is murdered. In the end it proves that though the murders were initiated by a deranged TV personality, the writer has himself continued them out of phychopathic misogyny. He commits suicide by cutting his throat, but this action seems to have been fakes, as he subsequently murders the investigating policeman and is about to claim another victim when he is killing by tripping over an elaborate steel sculpture.

Kim’s song Take me tonight could be heard during the end credits of the cinema version of the movie, which is why the movie is advertised on the Japanese single of Take Me Tonight. In the video release, the original movie score was used.

Secret Admirer

1985 movie. Farcical complications ensue for teenagers and adults when a teen’s adoring but unsigned love letter to a high-school girl keeps falling into the wrong hands.
Kim Wilde contributed the track The Touch to the soundtrack.

Running Scared

1986 movie starring Billy Crystal and Gregory Hines as two Chicago cops who decide to retire and go to Florida. They only have to hunt down a vicious drug dealer first. The soundtrack features Say You Really Want Me by Kim Wilde.

Kim about ‘Running Scared’

Running Scared is this awful film that came out in 1986 and “Say you really want me” is actually on the soundtrack. You don’t actually hear it that much in the film. I think it comes on the radio at some point and you hear a tiny snatch of it. My record company in America asked me to do it, saying it would be a good profile to be in this film. I watched the film subsequently and it’s just really boring – trying to be funny when it wasn’t. The plot was dull and predictable, the script was awful and I was rather sad that my record was associated with it. (1)

Interview source

(1) My least favourite things In: Smash Hits (UK), 1987

Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion

1997 American movie starring Mira Sorvino, Lisa Kudrow (of the comedy ‘Friends’ fame), Janeane Garofalo and Alan Cumming.
Romy and Michele have been roommates since they graduated from a Tucson high school ten years ago. After Romy runs into class curmudgeon and outcast Heather, she learns that their tenth year reunion is fast approaching. Never the popular ones in high school, now Romy and Michele live in L.A. Romy’s just a cashier, and Michele is unemployed and both are without boyfriends, so Michele tries to get a job and Romy tries to find boyfriends for them for the reunion. When that doesn’t work, the two decide to concoct a wild story about them being successful businesswomen to impress Christie (the class snob) and the other class “A” girls who looked down their noses at the two.
The soundtrack CD for this movie features Kim Wilde’s You Keep Me Hangin’ On, although this track is not featured in the movie itself.


1985 movie starring Chevy Chase. Comedy adventure about a newspaper reporter who gets tangled up in a drug smuggling operation. The soundtrack album of this movie contains the song Is It Over by Kim Wilde.


Kim was asked to play a part in the movie Evita in the year 1981. From a fanclub magazine in November 1981:

The film is due to be shot in 1982 and there has been a good deal of speculation about Kim in the press over the past couple of weeks. We can tell you that Kim did audition for the part of the mistress, who sings ‘Another suitcase in another hall’ which was a hit for Barbara Dickson a number of years ago. No one knows at present whether she has got the part, but we will let you know in the future.

No more than this has appeared since.

Source: Kim Wilde Fanclub Magazine November/December 1981

Daltry Calhoun

In this 2005 motion picture, Johnny Knoxville plays Daltry Calhoun, a man with a grass seed empire who suddenly discovers he has a daughter. He then has to figure out how to save his business as well as learn how to be a father.
The soundtrack cd contains many hits from the 1970’s and 1980’s, such as ‘Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue’ by Crystal Gayle, 10cc’s ‘Things We Do for Love’ and Kids in America.