Belgian electronica / synthpop duo, founded in 2016 and consisting of singer, Laura Davidt aka Lauve and producer and multi-instrumentalist, Fab DuBard. They made a name for themselves by posting videos of their music on YouTube. In June 2017 they presented their version of Cambodia on a video based on the John Hughes movie ‚ÄėPretty in Pink‚Äô. Also in 2017 they released an EP called Part One Unleashing.

Puppy Song

Song performed by Kim Wilde together with Igudesman & Joo, backstage during the Night of the Proms tour in 2008. The song appeared on Igudesman & Joo’s YouTube channel.


I love my puppy
My puppy wuppy wuppy
‘cos sometimes she’s quite fluffy
and sometimes she’s just gruffy
She’s very, very naughty
And sometimes she’s quite sporty
She’s very, very beautiful
My naughty, naughty – all together!

I love my puppy
My puppy wuppy wuppy
‘cos sometimes she’s just fluffy
and sometimes she’s just gruffy
She’s very, very naughty
And sometimes she’s quite sporty
She’s very, very beautiful
My naughty, naughty girl



Song written by Alice Cooper, John McCurry and Desmond Child. 
Alice Cooper recorded the song and included it on his eighteenth album ‘Trash’. It became one of Cooper’s biggest hit singles in the United States, peaking at number 7 on the Billboard Hot 100. The power ballad performed even better in the UK by peaking at number 2 on the UK Singles Chart.

Kim Wilde performed the song together with Alice Cooper during the Rock Meets Classic tour in March and April 2014. It was the penultimate song of Alice Cooper’s set, which ended with ‘School’s Out’, which he performed together with all the artists from this tour.

Pop Muzik

Song written by Robin Scott.

M version

Robin Scott recorded the song on his debut album ‘New York ‚ÄĘ London ‚ÄĘ Paris ‚ÄĘ Munich’ (1979) using the stage name M. Originally it was conceived as a R&B and funk track, until a friend of Scott suggested using synthesizers. The single was released in the UK first, peaking at number 2 in the UK singles chart in May 1979. In August of the same year, it was released in North America, where it eventually climbed all the way to number 1 in Canada and the USA. The UK 12″ single was notable for the A-side having a double groove so that the two tracks (‘Pop Muzik’ and ‘M Factor’) both started at the outer edge of the record and finished in the middle (with a long silence at the end of “M Factor” since the track was the shorter of the two). This resulted in a random selection of the two tracks, depending on which groove the needle landed in the lead-in. To further market this idea, the UK record sleeve stated “B side included on A side, full length disco mix of Pop Musik on Seaside”. ‘Seaside’ (in other words “C side”) was a simple play on words as the letter C, apart from being the logical next “side” after the A and B sides, is pronounced the same way as the English word “sea”.

In 1989, a remixed version of the track was released, without significant chart success. The track was covered by the UK band All Systems Go in 1988 and performed live by U2 in 1997, during their PopMart tour.

Kim Wilde version

Kim Wilde performed the song live during her Greatest Hits Tour in 2022, with Ricky Wilde performing lead vocals and Kim and Scarlett Wilde doing the female backing vocals. The song was intertwined with her own track The Second Time.

Perfect Paradise

Song written by Abigail Gordon, David Petterson and Don Dellpiero.
Recorded by Bunny X on their 2021 album ‘Young & In Love’.

On 15 April 2022 they released ‘Young & In Love – The Remixes’, featuring remix versions of seven tracks from the 2021 album. One of the remixes was created by Ricky Wilde, with added vocals by Kim Wilde.


When I look into your eyes
It’s a perfect paradise

You betcha I don’t mind
If we stay up late and talk all night
And we can share our dreams
Under the moonlight

I, I think it’s alright
If we stop the clock and turn back time
You can tell me anything
Whatever’s on your mind

When I look into your eyes
It’s a perfect paradise
When I look into your eyes
It’s a perfect paradise

Every time we meet
When I look into your eyes
It’s a perfect paradise
When I look into your eyes

If you wanna believe in something
Then let it be this one thing
We could make it last forever
As long as we’re together
It’s paradise

(Am I singing this again or am I just doing adlibs?)
(Oh yeah)


French comedy crime mystery movie from 2011, released abroad as ‘Nobody Else But You’. The movie was directed by G√©rald Hustache-Mathieu and starred Jean-Paul Rouve as a bestselling crime novelist who is desperately looking for a new story hones his focus on the apparent suicide of a small-town woman called Candice, a local celebrity, whose life mirrors that of Marilyn Monroe, played by Sophie Quinton. Rousseau refuses to believe she has committed suicide. Teaming up with a local policeman, he seeks to prove that Candice was murdered.

The soundtrack of the movie features the song Cambodia by Kim Wilde, as well as tracks by the Czars and José Feliciano.


“Poster” was a magazine consisting of four pages folding out to a big poster. Each issue was devoted to one artist, the vol. 6 no. 4 issue was a Kim Wilde one. This special basically uses four photographs and a piece of text written by Dutch DJ Tom Mulder to describe Kim.

Release date: 1 July 1981
Written by: Tom Mulder
Publisher: Lois Jeans Import Benelux
Number of pages: 8


A book of portraits photographed on film, processed and printed using traditional materials, accompanied by a narrative of the author’s recollections of the occasion.

Celebrities include:
David Bowie¬† Natalia Makarova¬† Yuri Grigorovich¬† Cornelia Parker¬† Andre & Tomas¬† Brenda Blethyn¬† Simon Rattle¬† Jenny Agutter¬† The Everly Brothers¬†¬† Margaret Drabble¬† Bo Diddley¬† Ute Lemper Abdul Qureshi¬† Ike & Tina Turner¬† Chris Blackwell¬† Darcey Bussell¬† John McEnroe¬† Irene Thomas¬† Robert Wyatt¬† Liz Smith¬† Michael Kauffmann¬† Georg & Valerie Solti¬† Spike Milligan¬† Antonia Franceschi¬† R.D.Laing¬† Cynthia Payne¬† Slava Polunin¬† Kim Wilde David & Richard Attenborough¬† Gianni Versace¬† Michael Foot¬†¬†¬† Jerry Lee & Linda Gail Lewis¬† Luciano Pavarotti ¬†Jenny Saville¬† Floyd Patterson¬† Julie Walters¬† Ornette Coleman¬† The Ballet Boyz¬† Melissa Phelps¬† Rudolf Nureyev¬† Nicola Benedetti¬† Stephen Sondheim¬† Bridget Riley¬† Carlos Acosta¬† Marty Wilde, Cliff Richard, Duffy Power¬† Dizzy Gillespie¬† Judy Tzuke¬† Ian Board & Daniel Farson Ruby Wax¬† Harold Pinter¬† Vivienne Westwood & Joe Corr√©¬† Buzz Aldrin¬† Ninette de Valois & Margot Fonteyn¬† Chuck Berry¬† Torvill & Dean¬† John Peel¬† Charo Espino & Paco Pe√Īa¬† Segun Adewale¬† Marina Abramovich¬† Johnny Cash Maria Bj√∂rnson¬† Mick Jagger¬† Delphine Seyrig¬† Pilgrim¬† Sylvie Guillem¬† Bobby McFerrin¬† Diana Ross¬† Isaiah Berlin¬† Lea Anderson¬† Tom Courtenay¬† Lindsay Kemp¬† Def Leppard¬† Peter Blake & Gerald Scarfe¬† George Weidenfeld¬† Imelda May¬† Ken Russell¬† Zaha Hadid¬† Sonny Rollins¬† Shirley Bassey¬† Paul Schrader¬† Joni Mitchell¬† Henry Mancini¬† John Smith & Family¬† Juliette Binoche¬† Antonio Pappano¬† Tears For Fears¬† Julie Christie¬† Valery Gergiev¬† Irek Mukhamedov¬† Salif Keita¬† Dolly Mixture¬† Anthony Gormley¬† David Hockney & John Cox¬† Peter Ustinov¬† Kashgar Market¬† Mark Rylance¬† Jessye Norman¬† Anthony Newley¬† Deborah Bull¬† Ian Dury

Release date: 12 June 2018
Written by: Laurie Lewis
Publisher: Unicorn
Number of pages: 208
ISBN: 9781911604082

Pop Don’t Stop: A Biography

Biography of Kim Wilde, written by Marcel Rijs. Published by This Day In Music Books on 3 June 2021. The book starts in 1939 with the birth of Marty Wilde and tells the story of Kim’s childhood and her career in music and gardening up until the release of Pop Don’t Stop: Greatest Hits in 2021. The book draws from magazine articles, TV and radio interviews to tell the story in great detail. The book also features short interviews with Anton Corbijn, Richard Blanshard, Gregg Masuak, Martin Zandstra, Sabrina Winter, Nick Beggs, Case Eames and Steve Norman.
It is illustrated with many photographs, including exclusive photography by Katrien Vercaigne and a front cover photograph by Anton Corbijn.

Release date: 3 June 2021
Written by: Marcel Rijs
Publisher: This Day In Music Books
Number of pages: 360
ISBN: 9781838379865 (hardback) / 9781739582753 (paperback)
Book description:
Kim Wilde first saw success in 1981 with her debut single ‘Kids in America’, which reached No. 2 in the UK. In 1983, she received the Brit Award for Best British Female solo artist. In 1986, she had a UK No. 2 hit with a reworked version of The Supremes’ ‘You Keep Me Hangin’ On’, which also later topped the US BIllboard Hot 100. Between 1981 and 1996, she had 20 singles reach the Top 40 of the UK singles chart.
Worldwide, Kim has sold over 10 million albums and 20 million singles. She holds the record for being the most-charted British female solo act of the 1980s, with 17 UK Top 40 hit singles. Starting in 1998, while still active in music, she has branched into an alternative career as a landscape gardener, which has included presenting gardening shows on the BBC and Channel 4. In 2005, she won a Gold award for her courtyard garden at the Royal Horticultural Society’s Chelsea Flower Show. A return to music followed, with hit albums in Europe and a triumphant return to live stages all over Europe and in the UK.
Marcel Rijs has followed Kim’s career from the start. In 1996 he started a website about her, which eventually became her official fansite wilde-life.com. He was involved in several compilation CD’s and reissues of Kim’s early albums. After writing the liner notes¬† for Kim’s first three albums, released by Cherry Pop in 2020, he was inspired to write a full biography. The book came together over the course of a year, with Kim contributing exclusive quotes to tell the story of an astonishing career.

Pop Don’t Stop: Greatest Hits

Compilation album, released on 6 August 2021 by Cherry Pop. The album was originally planned for 2020, but postponed by almost a year because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The album is available in two different configurations: a 2CD edition and a 5CD+2DVD box set.


The 2CD version features 39 Kim Wilde singles from throughout her career, plus two new tracks: Shine On (a duet with Boy George) and You’re My Karma (a duet with Tom Aspaul). Both tracks were released digitally ahead of the album.
The box set edition adds the remaining 16 singles from Kim’s career (only You Came (2006) and some collaborations are missing from the set), a disc featuring a selection of 20 B-sides and a disc with 12 rare remixes. The DVD’s include all of Kim’s music videos (with the exception of the music videos made for the Wilde Winter Songbook album).


The cover of the album features a photograph made by Sean Vincent and sees Kim wearing a jacket that belonged to her dad and a Sex Pistols t-shirt.
The booklet shows photographs from throughout Kim’s career, a singles and album discography, song credits and liner notes by Marcel Rijs and Alan Connor.
A larger 68 page booklet included in the box set adds an interview with Kim, lyrics and more photographs.


‘Pop Don’t Stop: Greatest Hits’ was released on 2CD and as a box set.
See also this page in the discography.

Chart performance

Germany: 25
Switzerland: 41 (1 week)
UK: 51 (1 week)

Potter, Simon

TV presenter on the Music Box satellite channel, who interviewed Kim Wilde on a few occasions. During his time at Music Box he started presenting children’s programmes on BBC TV in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. He later moved to working behind the camera and subsequently started producing football coverage. As a consultant for sports media, he’s worked with BT Sport, ITN Productions and the NBA.


Popstars of the Century

This compilation, released in 2004 by Disky was a repackaging of the Gold Collection, containing the albums Kim Wilde and Select.
The sleeve photograph was taken in 1982 by Gered Mankowitz.


This album contains the tracks Kids in America, Chequered Love, Water on Glass, Everything We Know, Young Heroes, 2 6 5 8 0, You’ll Never Be So Wrong, Falling Out, Tuning in Tuning on, Ego, View From a Bridge, Words Fell Down, Action City, Just a Feeling, Chaos at the Airport, Take Me Tonight, Can You Come Over, Wendy Sadd, Our Town and Cambodia Reprise.


‘Popstars of the Century’ was released on CD only.
See also this page in the discography.