Ready Steady Cook

BBC daytime TV cooking programme, which was first aired in 1994. The programme was hosted by Fern Britton from 1994 until 2000. From 2001, celebrity chef Ainsley Harriott became the new host.
The basic format of the show is that two people provide two celebrity chefs with a bag of ingredients they have bought, usually to a set budget of £5. Occasionally the permitted budget is increased: a so-called Bistro Bag allows for ingredients of up to £7.50, while the Gourmet Bag may have a value of up to £10. The contestants are either members of the general public or celebrities.
The two teams are designated “red tomato” and “green pepper” (referred to as “red kitchen” and “green kitchen” after the August 2007 revamp, though the tomato and pepper motifs still feature on the guests’ aprons, and in the show’s logo).
The chefs then make several dishes out of the ingredients (and a generously stocked kitchen containing basic ingredients and spices) in 20 minutes, with the help of the contestants and the programme host. As the contestants taste the prepared dishes, the host asks the chef some questions about the food.
The creations are voted on by the studio audience, who hold up a card showing either a red tomato or green pepper to represent each of the teams. The winner receives a cash prize of £100, which celebrity guests donate to charity.

Kim Wilde appeared in the programme twice. On both occasions, the host was Ainsley Harriott.

Ready Steady Cook with Kim as one of the contestants

Ready steady cook

19 May 2008

Kim Wilde and Diarmuid Gavin star in this edition of Ready Steady Cook, making a dinner based on ingredients they have brought in. Kim brings in a bag with kale, miniature carrots, lentils, lamb and goat cheese. She is on the green team with chef Lesley Waters, against the red team starring Diarmuid and chef Alex MacKay. The programme is presented by Ainsley Harriott. The red team wins, and so Kim is mostly in the first half of the programme. The second half is filled by the two chefs who make some dishes based on ingredients brought in by a member of the audience.

Celebrity Ready Steady Cook!

9 November 2001

This cooking program puts two teams, consisting of a cook and a celebrity, to the test. In this episode, two gardening gurus are tested. Kim uses her budget almost entirely for buying two products, all the rest she takes from her own garden.
During the program, in which the cooks try to make something of the ingredients, the presenter interviews both the celebrities. Kim tells how she became interested and subsequently involved in gardening.