Song written by Ricky, Kim and Marty Wilde. A track included on the album Another Step and released as a single in Europe. It was produced by Ricky Wilde and Reinhold Heil. The sleeve was designed by Wendy Saunders.


There are two versions of ‘Schoolgirl’: the album version and an extended version called the ‘Head-master mix’, mixed by Ricky Wilde.


The track was released as a 7″ single and 12″ single in Europe.
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Music video

A music video was filmed to promote the single. It was directed by Peter Cornish.
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Live performances

‘Schoolgirl’ was performed live during the Another Step tour in 1986 only.

Kim about ‘Schoolgirl’

The song is about my six year old sister, Roxanne. I wrote it after the Chernobyl disaster. I was so scared by that. I thought about Roxanne’s future and felt so guilty all of a sudden. I shape this world just as much as anyone else, don’t I? And that’s why I feel just as responsible for the disaster in the nuclear plant as Gorbachev would be. Sometimes you have to look into a mirror. When I finished the lyric of ‘Schoolgirl’ I threw my arms around Roxanne and said sorry. I do think there is still hope, I am a born optimist. (1)


Guitar: Steve Byrd
Backing vocals: Don Haywoode, Emmah
Fairlight III programming and keyboards: Ricky Wilde, Reinhold Heil
Produced by Ricky Wilde and Reinhold Heil
Engineered by Peter Wade Schwier

Highest chart position

Denmark: 7
Germany: 38 (6 weeks)

Interview source

(1) This is the new Kim Wilde: independent, resolute and looking for adventure, Hitkrant (Netherlands), 19 July 1986


It’s something else to see the way you’re growing
From a sweet little baby to a grown up girl
And I pray though darlin’ I’ve no way to knowing
That you’ll discover a beautiful world

As you skip down the street
And hold your books so tightly
Tell me what are you learning in your ABC
Are you dreaming off all the many things you might be
You know that we’re just waiting to see

You’re such an inspiration
And you’re as fresh as the breeze
You’ve got the whole world
Just waiting for you
You’re really something, something to see

It’s easy to worry in a world of trouble
When there’s nothing but bad news
Trying to bring you down
But life doesn’t have to be an uphill struggle
There’s still some wonderful things to be found

There is sadness and confusion in our hearts
And the world prepares to fight
As it tears itself apart – it isn’t fair


7 December 1986

Kim Wilde and a band consisting of two guitarists and a drummer perform in front of a live studio audience. After a lengthy introduction in Swedish by two presenters, Kim lipsynchs the songs ‘Schoolgirl’, ‘Cambodia’ and ‘Hold back’.

Peter’s Popshow

6 December 1986
ZDF (Germany)

This show features Kim lipsynching ‘Schoolgirl’ and ‘You keep me hangin’ on’.
The Germans staged a little school class on stage as well, featuring a few ‘students’ writing with crayon on a blackboard and the rest of them throwing paper planes and mucking about.

Die Spielbude

20 August 1986
WDR (Germany)

Kim and her band do a lipsynch performance of ‘Schoolgirl’ on an open air stage, observed by a young audience.

Disco d’Or

12 August 1986
FR3 (France)

Kim lipsynchs ‘The second time’ and ‘Schoolgirl’ during a festival on a tropical island. She gets an award from the presenter. There is also a brief clip of Kim lipsynching ‘Schoolgirl’ on location on the island.


2 July 1986

At the beginning of her performance, presenter Peter Illman steals a kiss from Kim, after which he announces her. Kim does a lipsynch performance of ‘Schoolgirl’, backed by a band consisting of a drummer, two guitarists and a keyboard player. They are in front of a large live audience.

Toutes folles de lui

1 July 1986

Kim performs ‘Schoolgirl’ in a pool area filled with men and women. After this performance, Laurent Voulzy performs ‘Les nuits sans Kim Wilde’ with Kim by his side.


28 June 1986
Veronica (Netherlands)

Kim lipsynchs to ‘Schoolgirl’ and ‘The touch’ on stage before a live studio audience, backed by a three piece band. Before her performance, she is interviewed briefly by presenter Adam Curry.

Once voted runner up for the most beautiful woman in England and now next to me on stage. How are you doing Kim?
Hi, very well thank you.

It was about a year ago since you were last in the Countdown studio, you were singing ‘The Touch’. What’s been happening since then?
Oh… I’m doing ‘The Touch’ again, yeah (laughs). I’ve been making my new album and working and writing and various other… pursuits.

And of course your dad Marty and your brother Ricky have always been helping you out. How’s mom doing?
My ma? She’s very well, yeah. She’s got a bit of a back problem.

Back problem? Not serious I hope?
No, not serious.

Tell us about Ricky, he got hitched?
Yeah, Rick got hitched, he got married and then he’s having a baby in July.

His wife’s having a baby in July…
His wife is having a baby in July, yeah…

How about yourself. Any interesting men in your life?
Not at the moment.

You’re sure? (laughs)
Yeah, absolutely sure! (laughs)

Seriously, what will you be doing in the coming months? You were working with Reinhold Heil, I believe, who did most of Nena’s stuff. How was that working out?
It was great. I did two tracks with Reinhold and Ricky and now I’m going to finish the album with Ricky and myself and my band, so. Reinhold is back in Germany, producing Rosa, I think.

And after that, planning on going Stateside maybe?
Yeah, we’re gonna do some gigs in October and November.

Schoolgirl (music video)

8 June 1986

Directed by Peter Cornish.
Kim sings the song on a schoolyard, while she is dancing and turning around. The camera circles around her.
There are also images of a young girl who puts on lipstick from a magazine and running around.

Kyss Karlsson

1 January 1986

Kim lipsynchs the songs ‘Schoolgirl’ and ‘Victim’ on stage before a live studio audience. She is actually standing behind her band, which consists of a drummer and two guitarists.