8 February 2012
DR (Denmark)

Kim Wilde appears in this talkshow to perform ‘Sleeping satellite’ and ‘To France’. She is backed by a band of local musicians. She sings live to a pre-recorded backing track.

Go’ morgen Danmark

1 December 2011
TV2 (Denmark)

Short interview with Kim Wilde about her song ‘Rockin’ around the Christmas tree’ and her new album ‘Snapshots’. Kim performs ‘Rockin’ around the Christmas tree’ with a live studio band and sings ‘Sleeping satellite’ live to a pre-recorded backing track.

Kawa czy herbata

13 November 2011
TVP1 (Poland)

Interview with Kim Wilde with a Polish voice-over. During the interview, Kim talks about contestants of the show ‘The voice of Poland’, where she appeared yesterday, and her new album ‘Snapshots’. After the interview, she gets a bunch of flowers from three Polish fans. Then she does a lipsynch performance of ‘Sleeping satellite’, solo on stage.

The voice of Poland

12 November 2011
TVP2 (Poland)

Kim sings ‘Sleeping satellite’ live to a pre-recorded backing track, live on stage at this talent show. In the background there are four dancers. A large audience is clapping along. After her performance she is briefly interviewed.

Tell me, what do you think about the level of our contestants?
I’ve been hearing the voices backstage and I’m just amazed, absolutely amazed. They’re working so hard. Some of them have stood out a little bit more for me, I won’t say who (laughs).

Is this your first time in Poland?
No no, I’ve been several times. I’ve been to Sopot a couple of times and… yeah.

So you love our country, I could say, right?
You always make me very welcome, so it’s always great to be back and I’ll be coming back too.


28 August 2011
ZDF (Germany)

Kim Wilde performs several songs during this two hour TV show. She is backed by a band consisting of local musicians. First she performs ‘Sleeping satellite’. Later on, she performs a medley of ‘It’s alright’, ‘You keep me hangin’ on’ (1986 version) and ‘Kids in America’ (2006 version) and at the end of the program she does ‘Sleeping satellite’ once again. (This performance is stopped after 90 seconds).

SF Bi de Lüt

20 August 2011
SF (Switzerland)

Kim Wilde does a lipsynch performance of ‘Sleeping Satellite’, backed by a local band, consisting of a guitarist, a bassist, a keyboard player and a drummer on an outdoors stage.

After the performance Kim is briefly interviewed.

Sleeping satellite (music video)

3 August 2011

Directed by Nikolaj Georgiew.
This clip features Kim and band in a room at the Kameha hotel in Bonn, where they perform the song. There are a few short snippets of Kim and band members in other areas of the hotel in between, and also Kim in a room with a slideshow of photographs from her past.