Tři Sestry

The pub rock band Tři Sestry formed in Prague, Czechoslovakia in 1985. As one of the country’s most popular rock bands, they played live extensively and have released over a dozen albums between 1985 and now.

The band consists of František Moravec, Tomáš Doležal, Veronika Borovková, Ronald Seitl, Zdeněk Petr, Franta Vrána, Martin Roušar and Rostislav Cerman.

Their 1993 album 25:01, which coincidentally lasts exactly for 25 minutes and one second, starts with an 18 second clip from Kim Wilde’s Kids in America, followed by the track ‘Widle’, which is a two minute cover version of the song by the band.

Since then, they have released new albums roughly every two years.

THW Kiel Star-Nacht (die)

Concert programme for the THW sports gala on August 29, 2009 in Kiel, Germany. A Kim Wilde biography of one page is included in this programme.

Release date: 29 August 2009
Publisher: Starnights Entertainment
Number of pages: 24

Top 2000 Volume 3: Wonderful world

Book about the Top 2000, the annual list of hits of all times broadcast on Radio 2 at the end of the year. This book takes the reader through some of the songs, using the theme of cities and countries. Kim Wilde’s ‘Cambodia’ is the theme of one of the articles, included on page 58 to 63. It features a picture of the sleeve of the single plus a portrait of Kim.

Release date: 1 October 2010
Written by: Various authors
Publisher: L.J. Veen
Number of pages: 252
ISBN: 9789020410662
Book description:
Why did The Beatles write about ‘Penny Lane’? How is Bob Marley remembered in Jamaica? What is the story behind the band name Boston? How has ‘Over de muur’ shaped our image of Berlin? What did Midnight Oil’s eighties hit ‘Beds Are Burning’ mean to the Australian Aborigines? And where is ‘La Isla Bonita’ located? Every place in the world has a beautiful pop story – whether it’s about the title of a song, the cradle of a type of music, or about the birthplace of an artist. Following the successful Radio 2 book ‘Greetings from Grolloo’, ‘Top 2000 Volume 3. Wonderful World’ takes the reader on an exciting musical journey. But where the aforementioned book was limited to the Netherlands, ‘Wonderful World’ crosses national borders. On this journey around the world in 2000 songs, the most special and heartwarming stories from the treasure trove of pop music are unearthed, as always accompanied by surprising lists and beautiful photos.

Tesco Plant Therapy

In 2002, Kim Wilde appeared in an advertorial for Tesco’s Plant Therapy range. The one page advertorial was made to promote a range of 11 natural treatment products for “relaxation and indulgence”. The copy cleverly linked Kim’s busy life as a mother and a gardener to the benefits of flowers, leaves, herbs, oils, fruits and spices.

The advertorial was printed in glossy magazines in the UK for a short period of time.

That was then… This is now!

Weekly music show, broadcast online on Thursdays at 7pm between 5 November and 10 December 2020. The show was masterminded by Mike Stock and Mike Read, who were inspired by the format of the legendary TV show Top of the Pops. The show features various artists that are listed in the Heritage Chart, a chart made up of songs by artists who were immensely popular during the last century but sometimes have trouble being played on current ‘hit’ radio stations.

Kim, Marty and Roxanne appeared in the second and fourth edition of the show, broadcast on 12 November and 26 November 2020 respectively. In the second edition they performed the song 60’s World, and in the fourth edition they performed Cambodia and Bad Boy.

Tsuchiya, Masami

Masami Tsuchiya (土屋 昌巳) is a Japanese singer-songwriter and musician who came to prominence in the late Seventies as the lead vocalist and guitarist in the group Ippu-Do. His subsequent output includes solo work and collaborations. Tsuchiya has worked with artists as diverse as English new wave rockers Japan and Bill Nelson, Japanese electronica composer Ryuichi Sakamoto, Duran Duran side-project Arcadia, and Japanese rock band Buck-Tick.

In 1982, he wrote the song Bitter Is Better together with Bill Crunchfield, recorded by Kim Wilde for a Japanese commercial and released as a single.

In March 2008, Tsuchiya formed the rock band Vitamin-Q along with Kazuhiko Kato, Gota Yashiki, Rei Ohara and Anza. However, after Kato’s suicide on 17 October 2009, the fate of the group is uncertain.

In June 2010, following news of former collaborator Mick Karn‘s (former Japan bassist) cancer diagnosis, Tsuchiya reunited with former bandmates Gota Yashiki, Vivian Hsu, and Masahide Sakuma (of Japanese new wave group Plastics) and recorded two songs for a proposed September 2010 release to raise funds for Karn and his family. The musicians had recorded together as The d.e.p. in the early 2000s, releasing the album “Shinkei Stop” in 2001.

Top 2000

Chart of the best pop songs of all times, according to listeners of the Dutch radio station Radio 2. The first edition was broadcast in 1999 at the end of the century. This broadcast was so popular that the chart became an annual tradition in the last week of every year. The list is compiled by votes from listeners of the station. Through the years, several songs by Kim Wilde made the chart.

559. Cambodia

423. Cambodia
728. Kids in America

513. Cambodia
1614. Kids in America

768. Cambodia
1930. Kids in America

603. Cambodia
1211. Kids in America

919. Cambodia
1134. Kids in America

856. Anyplace Anywhere Anytime
975. Cambodia
1101. Kids in America

380. Anyplace Anywhere Anytime
1131. Cambodia
1576. Kids in America

811. Anyplace Anywhere Anytime
1105. Cambodia
1746. Kids in America

868. Anyplace Anywhere Anytime
922. Cambodia
1409. Kids in America

753. Anyplace Anywhere Anytime
1175. Cambodia

736. Anyplace Anywhere Anytime
1037. Cambodia

795. Anyplace Anywhere Anytime
1268. Cambodia

664. Anyplace Anywhere Anytime
1335. Cambodia

699. Anyplace Anywhere Anytime
1307. Cambodia

779. Anyplace Anywhere Anytime
1255. Cambodia

881. Anyplace Anywhere Anytime
1225. Cambodia

999. Anyplace Anywhere Anytime
1213. Cambodia

969. Anyplace Anywhere Anytime
1126. Cambodia

1142. Cambodia

1305. Cambodia

900. Anyplace Anywhere Anytime
1283. Cambodia

894. Anyplace Anywhere Anytime
1320. Cambodia

985. Anyplace Anywhere Anytime
1229. Cambodia

918. Anyplace Anywhere Anytime
1252. Cambodia

Tin Lizzy

Band consisting of Melanie Kirschke (vocals), Micha Mark Knierim (vocals, guitar), Michael Backens (keyboads, vocals), Roger Wahlmann (bass), Uli Leopold (guitars, vocals) and Sönke Sommer (drums). This Northern German band can be booked for parties and events. One of the songs they play is Kids in America. Their album ‘Best of Live’ was released digitally in 2015, and features a good selection from their repertoire, including songs like ‘Blurred Lines’, ‘You Sexy Thing’, ‘Get Lucky’, ‘Shout’ and Kids in America.


Tim Lennox was born in 1966 in Birmingham (UK). Starting out as a DJ, he set up the notorious Flesh events at the Haçienda in Manchester in 1991. Like many DJ’s he moved into production when he recorded the song ‘Happiness’ – a cover of a track by Cuba Gooding – with vocals by Sharon D. Clark and producers Aron Friedman and Damon Rochefort. This was released under the name Serious Rope. A second cover, this time of Barbara Mason’s ‘Another Man’, also sustained critical approval. This tale of a Brooklyn housewife dumped by her man for another lover, also male, had the camp, heightened sense of drama intrinsic to the so-called ‘handbag house’ style. This was released as Shy One, after which Lennox switched to the T-Empo name in order to engender a more structured approach to making music.

T-Empo evolved, when Lennox started working with Adam Clough and engineer Simon Bradshaw. After the huge success of ‘Another Man’ several record companies were fighting to sign Lennox, and he eventually opted for FFRR Records, based on their good record with gay/hi-NRG/house acts. However, a third release, ‘Saturday Night Sunday Morning’, the first to use the pseudonym T-Empo, arrived jointly with the exclusive gay record label Out On Vinyl, on which Lennox holds a director’s chair. His remixing skills also rose in popularity, and, again under the name T-Empo, included the Brand New Heavies (‘Dream On Dreamer’), RuPaul (‘House Of Love’), Grace Jones (‘Slave To The Rhythm’), Joe Roberts (‘Lover’), K Klass (‘Rhythm Is A Mystery’) and Propaganda (‘P-Machinery’).

For Kim Wilde, T-Empo remixed Breakin’ Away and Shame.

Tom Duke & Grønærten

Tom Duke met Marie-Louise in 2004, when he started a sports team for visually impaired children. He recorded an album to benefit children with cancer, using some of the children from the sports team as a choir. Marie-Louise enjoyed being in the studio.

During a live performance near her home, Tom asked her on stage and she sang along to some of the songs. They continued to perform live together from time to time.

On 2 August 2007, Tom Duke & Grønærten, as they called themselves, performed live at the Langelandsfestival in Denmark. One of the songs they performed was a cover version of Kids in America, since Kim was also on the bill. Marie-Louise and Kim briefly met backstage, singing Kids in America together. Tom Duke & Grønærten subsequently recorded ‘Kids in America’ in the studio for the release of an EP, released later in the year.

Although the two don’t perform together anymore, Tom Duke is still going strong, performing live on Danish festivals, most notably the Langelandsfestival where he has performed every year since 1993.

Taivalkunta Beat

Taivalkunta Beat is a Finnish band founded in 1997 that plays pop and rock music. The band’s leaders are the twins Juha and Vesa Pokkinen. The band was founded on July 7, 1997. The name has its roots in the village of Taivalkunta, where two members of the band spent their summers and holidays.

The founding members were Mika Laitinen on drums, Vesa Pokkinen (solo guitar) and Juha Pokkinen (composite guitar, vocals and bass codings). At the first gigs, Ilkka Saari visited as a singer, but soon the responsibility for singing passed to Juha Pokkinen. Initially, the band played mainly at village parties or at various events at a local golf club. Soon the gig venues increased and dance venue professional Jouko Elevaara became interested in the band. In 1999, the band performed as a standard band on Finland’s largest dance floor.

The band got a record deal with Tatsia Music in 2000, and the first record was called Miks Twist, from which the cover single ‘No Niin, Mary Lou’, a cover of the song ‘Hello Mary Lou’. In 2001, bassist Jani Kaunisto joined the band. The band participated in the Entertainer 2002 band competition and was ranked in the top three. ‘Kirkkonummen Ralla’, released in 2003, was the band’s second album, and Juha and Vesa Pokkinen’s own song ‘Ikkunan takaa’ became a radio hit.

In 2004, drummer Mika Laitinen left the band. Jasu Mäntylä became the new drummer. The band’s gig numbers increased, and the title track of the next album, called ‘Luulin, Että Pärjään’ became Radio-Finland’s most played song. The fourth album was named ‘Kaunis Kulkija’. It was selected as the local radio record of the month in August 2008.

In February 2010, the band ceased operations for the time being. They returned four years later: since the autumn of 2014, the Pokkinen brothers have been touring Taivalkunta Beat as a duo. In May 2020, they released a new album called ‘Instrumental’, featuring a few own compositions as well as instrumental cover versions of various songs from the 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s. One of the tracks is an instrumental cover version of Kids in America.

Torelli, Bernard

Born in Nice (France) on 13 October 1955, Bernard Torelli was the younger half-brother of musician and record producer Jean-Pierre Massiera. When Massiera established a new 16-track recording studio in Antibes, Torelli began recording with him as guitarist, playing on the 1974 concept album ‘Visitors’. Torelli joined the band Rockets in 1976, and featured on their debut album. The following year, he played on another album coordinated by Massiera, ‘Atlantide’, and then on the cult psychedelic album ‘L’Etrange Mr. Whinster’, credited to Horrific Child.

Torelli worked with the prolific Massiera as musician, composer, arranger and occasionally co-producer, on numerous prog rock and space disco albums and projects during the late 1970s.

In the early 1980s, Torelli moved to California. After he was introduced to French singer Michel Polnareff, he worked with him as his guitarist and engineer. He also worked with Stanley Clarke, the jazz fusion band CAB, and others. He later worked as a recording engineer at Track Star Studios in San Diego. In 1990 he released the album ‘Top Synthetiseur 2’, with 13 instrumental cover versions of contemporary hits, including Kim Wilde’s Can’t Get Enough (Of Your Love).

Around 2000, he founded the software company Nomad Factory, responsible for creating programs and software for audio recording, mixing and mastering. This included developing audio software processors and plug-ins for DAWs (digital audio workstation) such as Cubase and Pro Tools.

On 18 January 2016, Torelli died as a result of cancer, aged 60.