Improved concerts listing on Wilde Life

Ever since this website began, there has been a listing of Kim Wilde’s live concerts. Many changes have been made through the years, and today we add another one. The listing has been divided up by year, making it slightly easier to navigate the list if you so desire. A complete listing is also available, if you’re in a hurry.

Obviously we’ve done our best to make the annual index attractive, illustrating each year with some of the best live shots. Even with over 3000 pictures in this part of the discography, those live photographs are still the hardest part: some concerts come with just one or two photographs, while we know that many of you have seen Kim live in the past. Especially if you’ve seen and photographed Kim during the Eighties, we’re looking for your input. So please contact us if you have any photographs on offer that aren’t already featured on this website. We’re also looking for concert posters and tickets!

Meanwhile, have a look at our concert pages. If you want to reminisce about gigs you’ve seen for yourself, this is certainly one of the best websites around to do so.