Articles 1988

These are articles about Kim Wilde, originally published in magazines, newspapers etc. from around the world during the year 1988. All articles are translated into English if they weren't originally published in that language.

Date Published in
A quiet life for Kim Wilde - one day! [unknown] (UK)
Review - Hey Mr. Heartache Smash Hits (UK)
Kim wedding is called off [unknown] (UK)
Kim Wilde : Personal file Smash Hits (UK)
Ron Wood Musik Express Sounds (Germany)
Review - Close [unknown] (UK)
On the Wilde side! Isle of Wight Weekly Post (UK)
The teenage years of Kim Wilde: "When I was 16 I had to be home at 1 am" Joepie (Belgium)
Review - Hey Mister Heartache [unknown] (UK)
Kim Wilde thought she was 'nothing', but became a world star Muziek Expres (Netherlands)
Kim's junk yard days [unknown] (UK)
Hello... Kim Wilde Top 50 (France)
My fave flicks [unknown] (UK)
Kim Wilde: why she can suddenly laugh again Bravo (Germany)
Review - Close Sounds (UK)
In the lense with Kim: Friends, colleagues, memories... Hitkrant (Netherlands)
Finally in love!: Kim Wilde has found the man of her dreams Bravo (Germany)
What Kim did next [unknown] (UK)
'When Neil kissed me, I didn't dare look at him anymore' Joepie (Belgium)
Call of the Wilde [unknown] (Japan)
Tones of discord Mädchen (Germany)
Kim Wilde fought for recognition already as a child: 'When my success is over I'll become a painter' Joepie (Belgium)
Review - Close Q (UK)
Kim Wilde has the wind in her sails again [unknown] (Netherlands)
Pop Portrait: Kim Wilde Mädchen (Germany)
Kim Wilde: Tutti frutti special Mädchen (Germany)
Kim Wilde says goodbye to showbusiness Story (Netherlands)
Review - Close TV Ekspress (Belgium)
A wonderful sensation of being in love... : Kim can talk about it! Top 10 (Netherlands)
Kim Wilde: she's thinking about marriage Bravo (Germany)
Review - Close Smash Hits (UK)
Review - Close [unknown] (UK)
Snapshot: Kim Wilde Popcorn (Germany)
Bums, baby oil and bonking! No. 1 (UK)
Strange tales from Kimmy Wilde's boudoir! No. 1 (UK)
Kim Wilde wants to prove herself again [unknown] (Netherlands)
Kim Wilde: Wilde girl [unknown] (Italy)
Kim Wilde: I love old-fashioned music Music News (Germany)
The Kim Wilde Guide to looking good and feeling Gurrrrrate!!! Smash Hits (UK)
Review - Close [unknown] (Germany)
Snapshot Popcorn (Spain)
The other Kim Joepie (Belgium)
Review - Close [unknown] (Germany)
Blonde to be crunched [unknown] (France)
The other side of Kim Wilde Muziek Expres (Netherlands)
Kim Wilde takes part in the biggest show in the world [unknown] (France)
A strange pastime: she paints herself naked!
Review - Close [unknown] (UK)
Kim Wilde: she doesn't want to be the 'Schoolgirl' anymore! Pop/Rocky (Germany)
Wilde about Jackson [unknown] (UK)
Why did they snub my Kim? The Sun (UK)
Strawberry blonde [unknown] (Italy)
Everything about Kim Wilde Bravo (Germany)
Review - Close [unknown] (Germany)
Kim Wilde [unknown] (France)
Kim Wilde Graffitti (UK)
The rock in Kim Wilde [unknown] (Italy)
Kim Wilde Popcorn (Germany)
Kim Wilde has had enough: Is she leaving the showbiz? Zondagsblad (Belgium)
Kim Wilde Mladý Svét (Czechoslovakia)
Kim Wilde Smash Hits (UK)
Diana's DJ, by request The Sun (UK)
Kim Wilde: she can't decide in love Bravo (Germany)
Kim Wilde: Unhappy love affair with Julian Bravo (Germany)
Mel & Kim: censored Veronica (Netherlands)
Out to lunch: Kim Wilde Sunday Express Magazine (UK)
Ron Wood: no ordinary opening night Sydsvenska Dagbladet Snällposten (Sweden)
I was so hurt says snubbed star Rick Daily Mirror (UK)
Miss Heartache Frontline (UK)
Kim Wilde: You came Spot light (France)
Brat pack's rave-up The Sun (UK)
Countdown Backstage Hitkrant (Netherlands)
What does Kim Wilde have in common with Michael Jackson? Hitkrant (Netherlands)
Chimp won't make Kim a chump! Daily Express (UK)
Rumours make Kim wild The Sun (UK)
Michael Jackson does it with Kim Wilde Top 10 (Netherlands)
Kim's date with Jacko Daily Mail (UK)
Kim: lost her wild streak Veronica (Netherlands)
The comeback of Kim Wilde OK! (France)
Kim Wilde on tour with Michael Jackson! Bravo (Germany)
Michael Jackson impressed with Kim Wilde Limburgsch Dagblad (Netherlands)
Bad and Wilde Veronica (Netherlands)
Review - Hey Mister Heartache Hitkrant (Netherlands)
The dream that came true Top 10 (Netherlands)
Michael Jackson chose Kim Wilde Graffiti (France)
Kim Wilde: remedy for heartache [unknown] (Germany)
Elle meets Kim Wilde: cat of rock Elle (Italy)
Kim's wild at gig bungle The Sun (UK)
Kim Wilde's dramatic comeback Suosikki (Finland)
"Hey Kim, let's see Europe together..." No. 1 (UK)
Kim Wilde: 'I keep busy with dream explanations a lot' Bravo (Germany)
The music is in the blood GT (Sweden)
Review - Close Melody Maker (UK)
Annual star battle in Montreux Hitkrant (Netherlands)`
Opening artist for Michael Jackson Haugesund Avis (Norway)
"I love Hjorup" Expressen (Sweden)
The big Kim Wilde interview: 'Too much has gone wrong, that won't happen to me again' Hitkrant (Netherlands)
Kim Wilde chosen by Michael Jackson Salut! (France)
'I see the LP 'Close' as an intimate confession' Top 100 hitlijst (Netherlands)
A dress is waiting for the big love Bravo (Germany)
I'm the star here but Michael only asked to meet my little sister Today (UK)
Invisible star who gave Kim a £2m gift Daily Express (UK)
Review - Close [unknown] (Germany)
Passion is.. Looks (UK)
What thunder hit she got... Kim Wilde now she's bigger than ever Okej (Sweden)
Review - Close Bravo (Germany)
Review - Close Nye Takter (Norway)
The Kim Wilde photo album: 'Seven years at the pop top!' Hitkrant (Netherlands)
Review - Close Hitkrant (Netherlands)
Why Marty drives Kim wild Go (UK)
Kim Wilde Smash Hits (UK)
Jackson says sorry to tune of £150,000 Today (UK)
Wilde and Wacko! No. 1 (UK)
Kim Wilde: cycling on the heathland Hitkrant (Netherlands)
It's love at last for Kim Daily Mirror (UK)
Kim Wilde: Thank you, Jacko! [unknown] (Italy)
No Wilde oats round here Look now (UK)
Kim Wilde: perfect! Κλικ (Greece)
Kim Wilde Star Club (France)
Kim Wilde: "I dream to be loved for myself" [unknown] (France)
Tribute to Kim Wilde Hitkrant (Netherlands)
Review - You came Hitkrant (Netherlands)
Wilde times Fresh (UK)
Wilde child! Girl (UK)
Dear Diary Just Seventeen (UK)
"People usually think I'm a girl who just looks like Kim Wilde!" Look-In (UK)
Kim Wilde controversy Veronica (Netherlands)
Kim about her Jackson adventure Hitkrant (Netherlands)
Rock star Kim gets revenge on Mr. Nasty The Sport (UK)
At home with Kim Wilde: 'No, you can't see my bathroom' Hitkrant (Netherlands)
Kim stays with Michael Veronica (Netherlands)
Kim Wilde: all the happiness at once OK! (France)
A week in the life of Kim Wilde [unknown] (Israel)
How does Kim Wilde spend her days? Joepie (Belgium)
Rumours about Kim Timinn (Iceland)
Passport - Kim Wilde Hitkrant (Netherlands)
Fashion Aid for seals Daily Mail (UK)
Kim Wilde comes in from the cold South China Sunday Morning Post (China)
A blonde at the top: Kim Wilde Top 50 (France)
Kim hasn't spoken with Michael yet Veronica (Netherlands)
The top! Kim Wilde Top 50 (France)
Hey blonde one! Cioe (Italy)
My adolescence: Kim Wilde confides OK! (France)
'I love Michael Jackson' Top 10 (Netherlands)
Kim Wilde: Simple and serene Rocknews (France)
Bed knobs & bathtubs No. 1 yearbook 1989 (UK)
Kim Wilde: I see life in black [unknown] (France)
When did you say those 3 little words for the first time... Hitkrant (Netherlands)
'Schoolgirl' Wilde Krugozor (USSR)
Kim Wilde Ποπ κορν (Greece)
The Chinese portrait of Kim Wilde OK! (France)
Kim Wilde live Spotlight (France)
Review - Never trust a stranger [unknown] (UK)
Kim Wilde after Jackson! [unknown] (France)
Review - Never Trust A Stranger [unknown] (France)
Kim Wilde: Natural blonde Graffiti (France)
Who makes Kim Wilde happy? Top 10 (Netherlands)
Real Wilde child Record Mirror (UK)
Kim Wilde met Michael Jackson: 'Those nonsense stories should be over' Hitkrant (Netherlands)
Does Kim Wilde replace Madonna? Top 10 (Netherlands)
Kim Wilde wants to go into fashion Top 10 (Netherlands)
Review - Close Boston Globe (USA)
Younger days Hitkrant (Netherlands)
The new look Kim Wilde Sunday Tasmanian (Australia)
Kim in short Hitkrant (Netherlands)
'Close' advert Rockin' on (Japan)
Kim Wilde: "I rarely fall in love" [unknown] (France)
Kim Wilde strictly personal Top 10 (Netherlands)
Kim Wilde: 'Everyone may know it, I'm madly in love' Hitkrant (Netherlands)
'Kim stops', says dad Wilde. 'Nonsense', Kim replies Hitkrant (Netherlands)
Kim Wilde plays Marilyn Monroe Top 10 (Netherlands)
Kim & Calvin: wedding in sight Bravo (Germany)
Calvinistic Veronica (Netherlands)
Wilde and still willing Today (UK)
The Wilde one US (USA)
Kim Wilde won a prize Top 10 (Netherlands)
Kim Wilde shunned by English [unknown] (France)
Rock-Kim around the Christmas tree! No. 1 (UK)
Review - Four letter word [unknown] (Germany)
£2m Kim off beams The Sun (UK)
Review - Close [unknown] (UK)
Kim Wilde [unknown] (Germany)
The blonde turmoil [unknown] (France)
Kim Wilde: 'I want to protect myself, I think it's dangerous to unveil too much of my private life' Flair (Belgium)
Why I didn't want to be daddy's girl TV Times (UK)
Kim Wilde in Apeldoorn Hitkrant (Netherlands)
Kim Wilde Dagblaðið Vísir (Iceland)
Wedding bells for Kim Wilde Hitkrant (Netherlands)
Kim Wilde: 'At Christmas I feel very romantic' Top 10 (Netherlands)
Kim Wilde and Laurent Voulzy Top 50 (France)
Kim Wilde about father Marty: 'He would be all too happy to see me get married' Hitkrant (Netherlands)
This BAD year was the best of all for KIm Daily Express (UK)
"I don't want to become a megastar!" Pop/Rocky (Germany)