British Rockdiva Kim Wilde lets aliens land in Heerlen

Published in
Maxazine Limburg website (Netherlands)
Written by
Patrick Strouken

On Friday, November 15, the sex symbol from the 80s Kim Wilde was on stage at Parkstad Limburg Theater. The day before the kick-off of her concert tour at De Vorstin in Hilversum happened. The concert tour "Here come the Aliens" by Kim Wilde are 8 concerts that she gives in the Netherlands. She did that last year around this time.

Nostalgia comes to the fore among many visitors when one thinks of the Kim Wilde from the past. The audience in the room enjoys this beautiful appearance when she comes on stage, it is still a beautiful, special lady but only a bit more mature. Everyone knows who Kim Wilde is and what she has meant for the music movement in the past. She was the leader of the new wave movement of the 1980s with which Kim Wilde stormed the European hit parades in that era.

Her debut "Kids in America" ​​became a huge international success in 1981, followed by many great songs such as "Never trust a Stranger", "Cambodia", and "View from a Bridge". She has since sold many millions of albums and singles after her debut. In the 1990s, she made a musical stop and filled her time with motherhood and her hobbies. But Kim came back, and how, in 2003 she did the breathtaking bilingual hit "Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime" with German singer Nena. Five weeks at number 1 in the Dutch hit parade. And unbelievable that this song was only her first number 1 hit in the Netherlands. Not understandable for many music lovers.

That success marked her comeback on stage. With "You Came" she scored another hit in 2006 and several new albums followed. From the mid 90s it became very quiet around Kim Smith (her real name). But now Kim Wilde is back and sings, dances and shows as if time has stood still. Her fourteenth studio album was released last year and the now almost 60-year-old singer is not thinking of quitting for the time being. "I like singing again," she reports everywhere, and we can understand that very well.

This artist still wants to show that singing is a passion that cannot be released quickly, she misses the audience and the attention she has always received. This blond rock chick Kim Wilde opened the show in Heerlen with "Rock the Paradiso" and very quickly afterwards "Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime" followed and the audience started singing along. This is what the audience had come for, its presence, being able to taste how it was then and being able to feel it, and yes, it was exactly as it was then, only the rock star went back in time.

With her imposing appearance with her blonde haircut and beautiful lipstick on her lips, this lady still knows how to present herself to the visitors in Parkstad Theater in Heerlen. Her current tour is all about aliens. Kim had put on a tight leather suit with glitter on it for her concert. An alien is depicted on the back of her suit. After the third song, Kim Wilde greeted the audience and told them that she was staying in the Netherlands for fourteen days.

She was in a good pace, "Kandy Krush", "Cambodia" and "1969" followed. She had now sung six songs and introduced the band. She was completely out of breath and tried to convey it as if it did not stand out. What the critical listener noticed was that on this evening the high tones and the long beats were just a little too high for Kim. She received a lot of help from her backing singer who strengthened her voice, but also replaced some. Together it sounded pretty good. Scarlet, the backing singer of Kim is the niece of the British singer. The daughter of Kim’s brother and guitarist Ricky Wilde.

After a whole series of new and famous songs it was time for the famous songs from the eighties. "Rosetta", "View from a Bridge", "Chequered Love" and "Hanging on" made sure that the Heerlen public reached its peak. All in all a great show and performance by a world star from England. There was a large audience from Germany and Belgium who attended the concert, the room was almost sold out. For the encore, she came up with a new song "Pop don’t stop". After the last song "Kids in America" ​​her fans went home feeling good. It was a beautiful evening and the aliens had landed in Heerlen.