Wyevale Instore Appearance

Bury St. Edmonds (UK)

Kim visited Wyevale in Bury St. Edmonds on March 26th. During this occasion she has met at least three long-time Kim Wilde fans: Rashid Khan, Gareth Musson (see photos), and Lee Bennett, who tells his story right here.

"I bought my first record in late 1981 and it was "Cambodia" by Kim Wilde. This record changed my life and music became, and still is, an integral part of my life. Some twenty four years later and finally I was set to meet the woman who inspired me and so many other lovers of great pop music.
My wife (named Kim - it was not intentional I promise!) and my young son came with me to the opening of the newly refurbished Wyevale Garden Centre in Bury St Edmunds. We arrived early to beat the rush and it was already very busy when we arrived at 10.30. There seemed to be a lot going on in the reception and I was keenly looking out for Kim.
At around 11am I came wandering in from one of outdoor areas and as good as bumped into the lady herself. I just couldn't believe it. My first thoughts were "wow she looks absolutely amazing". Dressed in a lovely cream/brown combination of fitted top and flowing skirt, with a dangerous looking pair of wooden platform sandals(!) Kim looked stunning. Kim was clearly being given a tour of the centre and doing the obligatory meet and greet with staff.
Just after 11am the official ribbon cutting and opening of the Centre took place with the usual photo calls. Soon after Kim made her way to the signing area where I had eagerly camped out all morning! I was probably about fourth in line and suddenly became very nervous. This was my moment!
I walked up to Kim and thankfully words did come out of my mouth! I introduced myself and said I'd been a fan since I was 7. I asked Kim to sign my a few of my favourite items (including my Another Step CD which remains my favourite Kim album). I told Kim my favourite song was "Don't Say Nothing's Changed" and she thanked me for saying so. I said how great the Here and Now tours had been and Kim said she will do another if she is asked.
I then asked Kim to sign my 7" of "Schoolgirl". Kim spent ages studying the back of the cover and we discussed how rare it was to see the track "Songs About Love" (the b side). I then joked by saying "I won't ask about a new album" which prompted the reaction you all know about by now. I gave Kim a thank you card thanking her for all the great music she has given us over the years and she kindly reminded me my book needed signing as I was about to walk off, very grateful for my five minutes!!
Kim then very kindly posed for a few photos, which my wife helpfully stood by waiting to take. I wished Kim a nice day and walked away a very happy man.
Kim was absolutely lovely and seemed very genuine. My wife even commented how nice it was to see Kim seem genuinely interested in what each and every person had to say to her when it was their time to see her.
All in all a wonderful day, and even my three year old son behaved himself even if we did have to buy him a windwill to keep him quiet. I had better start reading Kim's book!"