Kim Wilde on Twitter in 2013


In August 2010, Kim Wilde started using Twitter to communicate with her fans. Here's a short impression of her Twitter activity in 2013.

During the past year, Kim has sent out 1875 tweets. That's excluding Retweets (which there were some 130 of). That's 414 more tweets than in 2012. No less than 1098 of these were direct replies to one or more people. The persons she tweeted to the most were:

Last year's top 5 also included German fan @Sweet_music_86 (who received just 18 replies in 2013), @Wilderoxy (10 replies) and @Jonatkinsondrum (24 replies).

Kim's favourite words on Twitter

Like in past years, Kim's most often used words are quite positive and often relate to her work.
The top 10 of most used words looks like this (last year's amount in brackets):

  1. love: 250 (155)
  2. night: 157 (112)
  3. great: 125 (118)
  4. today: 104 (24)
  5. happy: 92  (53)
  6. tonight: 83 (64)
  7. thanks: 82 (53)
  8. Christmas: 80 (7)
  9. just: 79 (85)
  10. see: 73 (75)

Kim's followers

The Twitter account @kimwilde had just 10,000 followers in January 2012 and some 25,000 in January 2013. Right now, the number has gone up to almost 35,000 followers. So there's still a steady rise going on.

Kim Wilde on Twitter

If you're not on Twitter yet, here are a few reasons to start now:

  • @kimwilde - Kim's official Twitter account. Follow her every move...
  • @kimwildenews - Wilde Life's news tweets. Every update on the front page is reported here.
  • @wildelife - Wilde Life's website tweets. Every update on the entire website is reported here.