Triple Album Collection released in January 2015


The new year starts in an interesting way for Kim Wilde fans, with the release of a compilation box set entitled 'The Triple Album Collection'.

The box set brings together Kim's first three albums 'Kim Wilde' (1981), 'Select' (1982) and 'Catch as catch can' (1983), originally released on RAK Records, in a series of 'Triple Album Collections' by Warner music on the Parlophone label. Parlophone, which has existed as a label since 1896, used to be owned by EMI Music but is now part of Warner Music Group, since 2013.

This box set presents all three albums in their original 10 track incarnations. It remains to be seen whether they have been remastered, but it would seem that the original cd masterings have been used for this cheap release - which would be a shame indeed.

The 'Triple Album Collection' is released on January 9, 2015 and can be ordered from Amazon Germany. There will also be such collections of bands and artists like Suzi Quatro, America, Udo Lindenberg, Chris Rea, Simply Red and Talk Talk.