Scarlett Wilde presents ROAR! FOOD


Scarlett Wilde, Kim's niece and backing vocalist has started her own business.

ROAR! FOOD is a brand new company started by Scarlett Wilde. If you're interested in eating healthy while still indulging in snacks, ROAR! FOOD offers you the opportunity to compile your own small pleasures of the day. Having just opened up the webshop on the Etsy website, the first product is the bliss ball mix, a jam jar with sunflower seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds, brazil nuts, cashew nuts, coconut, dates, goji berries, raw cacao and brown rice protein which you can put in a food processor to create so-called 'bliss balls'. Ideal for a quick snack on the road or as a companion to smoothies or your afternoon tea.

The raw food company will specialize in these jars of healthy bliss ball ingredients and while it is run from the UK at this time, the jars will be shipped worldwide. You can check out ROAR! FOOD on Facebook and Instagram, and order your own jars via the webshop.