December 18: F U Kristmas Day!


Kim Wilde and Lawnmower Deth have recorded an extraordinary Christmas single. Lawnmower Deth's Pete Lee has a special message for all you fans, which you can read below.

What a whole heap of fun this is turning into. You seem to love the song. We've had over 25000 views of the video. It's all over social media. We've had so much national press it's ridiculous, who really expected to see us in The Independent and Heat Magazine, at all, never mind in the same week!

We've chatted to many of the internet radios, magazines from all over UK, Europe and even Canada, you name it, and the support is sooooo appreciated.

But here is the score. Are we in the charts? No. Why not? Because you are all watching us on YouTube, which is ace, but that doesn't cause the charts any problem. Are we on national radio? No. Why not? Because they've turned it down. Apparently you're not allowed to tell the listenership to F U Kristmas on air. Who would have thought that.

Net result. We are causing trouble. Amazing when you consider we are causing trouble with some bubble gum pop punk metal. I LOVE IT!!!

So, how do we cause even more trouble. F U Kristmas day!

December 18 is the day. There are 13000 of you on the Lawnmower official page, Qualcast Mutilator page and the fan page. An outrageous amount on Kim's page!!! This is Facebook alone, never mind Twitter.

Net result, if all the Lawnmower fans buy this on December 18 it will chart. If all the Kim Wilde fans buy it on December 18 it's top 10. If the nation got on it well who can tell...

Just think, if we chart you can take great pleasure in Radio 1 working out how to get around playing the song on the chart countdown. It could be Frankie Goes To Hollywood all over again.

99p is all it costs. £1.49 if you want the album (both mixes). WHAT A BARGAIN.

Go to on December 18 and download!