Kim Wilde on Twitter in 2016


2016 was Kim’s fifth full year on Twitter. Wilde Life offers you all the relevant stats in the annual summary of her activity on that medium.

With 585 tweets, it is the lowest amount ever for her, but it is in line with the worldwide use of Twitter. Of these tweets, 260 were retweets, and 133  were direct replies to one or more people.

The persons she tweeted to the most were:

Last year's top 5 also included @nikkershaw and @nigeljbevans.

Kim’s favourite words on Twitter

Like in past years, Kim's most often used words are quite positive and often relate to her work.
The top 10 of most used words looks like this (last year's amount in brackets):

  1. Love: 36 (250)
  2. Night: 35 (157)
  3. Happy: 27 (92)
  4. All: 22
  5. Tonight: 21 (83)
  6. Great: 19 (125)
  7. Birthday: 19
  8. Thanks: 16 (82)
  9. Thankyou: 14
  10. Today: 14 (104)

Kim’s photographs on Twitter

During her two tours in 2016, Kim has shared many photographs with her followers. They were gathered together in two galleries on Wilde Life: Postcards from the Dutch tour 2016 and Postcards from Australia 2016.

Kim's followers

From 49,000 followers a year ago, @kimwilde has more than 58,000 followers right now. On average, she adds 10,000 followers each year, which is quite impressive.

Kim Wilde on Twitter

If you're not on Twitter yet, here are a few reasons to start now:

  • @kimwilde - Kim's official Twitter account. Follow her every move...
  • @kimwildenews - Wilde Life's news tweets. Every update on the front page is reported here.
  • @wildelife - Wilde Life's website tweets. Every update on the entire website is reported here.