Radio & TV 1985

Date Programme Channel Type
Sounds Australia TV
[unknown] UK TV
Musikladen Eurotops Germany TV
Jeu de la vérité France TV
Countdown Veronica (Netherlands) TV
4C+ France TV
In his image: Producer Gareth Harvey Channel Nine (Australia) TV
Académie des 9 FR2 (France) TV
Matin bonheur France TV
WWF Club Germany TV
Wide Awake Club ITV (UK) TV
Pop profile Music Box (UK) TV
Timmy Mallett Piccadilly 261 (UK) Radio
Oxford Road Show UK TV
Kanguruh Germany TV
La belle vie France TV
Na sowas ZDF (Germany) TV
Extratour Germany TV
Schulerexpress WDR (Germany) TV
Rage to love (music video) TV
No. 73 UK TV
Saturday Night Out BBC (UK) TV
Cote d'amour TF1 (France) TV
Top of the Pops BBC (UK) TV
SOS Racisme France TV
Around the table BBC Radio 1 (UK) Radio
Oz for Africa Australia TV
C'est encore mieux l'après midi A2 (France) TV
Don't break your heart BBC (UK) TV
Knight rider NBC (USA) TV
Les nuits sans Kim Wilde (music video) TV
Razzmatazz ITV (UK) TV