Interview with Kim Wilde during her support tour with Michael Jackson. She is asked about her interaction with Michael Jackson (which has been minimal), Michael's interaction with children (which Kim thinks comes from his gentle nature) and his stage persona.

There have been reports that you and he haven't seen too much of eachother on this tour. Is that true?
Well I haven't seen a tremendous amount of him. I have met him, you know, but I couldn't say that I know him intimately. I watch him most nights, they don't mind if I watch him in the wings so I do that.

He's a very shy, naturally shy man, isn't he?
I think so, yeah. When I was introduced to him that's the impression I got. But overwhelmingly gentle. And I noticed that when... I don't know if I'm giving anything away now but he's very good with children. Gentle with them. If anyone's got their kids with them like his band or his manager's kids are over -

Well your brother and sister in fact, your younger brother and sister...
Yeah, he met them. Yeah, he did. That was really nice. That was really sweet. They went and met him and they were absolutely delighted. In fact my little brother and sister met him before I did (laughs). And they said: "You haven't met him, have you?" (...) He seems to have a real affinity with children but that doesn't surprise me, because kids are incredibly truthful, lovely little things.


What's the crowd like with you? I bet they've warmed to you as well, haven't they?
Yes, well, they're really good, considering most of them are there to see Michael Jackson, they're really nice to me. They're sort of welcoming, especially a really warm reaction at Wembley last night, I'm absolutely chuffed.

A lot of the pictures from the new video - because there is a new single out now as well isn't there - did they not come from the Jackson concerts in Germany, am I right?
Yeah, we shot the video in Berlin. We did the gig outside the Reichtag along the wall, and we did a video there. The little clips from the performance...


Millions? Please! I've been reading these lovely reports about me making all this lovely dosh but of course it's not quite true.