Kim sings on Ricky Wilde’s remix of Nina’s ‘The Wire’

Fans who have kept track of Ricky Wilde’s recent activities will have noticed the release of Nina’s recent album ‘Synthian’, a collection of amazing synth-driven songs that wouldn’t look too bad in any Kim Wilde fan’s record collection. Ricky co-wrote the tracks ‘Runaway’ and ‘Gave up on us’ on that album.

But it gets even better: Nina will release a collection of remixes from the album on August 14, and one of the tracks is a remix created by Ricky, featuring Kim Wilde on vocals. Backing vocals are provided by Ricky and Paul Bartolome (another artist Ricky has worked with recently) and guitar parts are added by Ricky and former Kim Wilde band member (and currently a rock god in the band Pendulum) Perry ap Gwynedd. ‘The Wire (Ricky Wilde remix)’  can already be heard on the Bandcamp page dedicated to this collection of remixes. The (digital) album can be pre-ordered on that page right now.