Kim Wilde cookbook

When we reported about Kim Wilde contributing her favourite ingredients on the foodblog BlonDISHious recently, we were already aware that Kim had given us some sneak peeks into her cooking habits throughout her career. Which is why on today’s blog entry, we wanted to focus a little more on what Kim has confessed to cooking while she’s at home. Below you can find the photographs, and here is a short summary:

  1. Egg noodles with spring onions
    During a TV report on Go for it in 1986 we saw Kim in action, although we’re not certain this dish was actually complete when the scene was done. All we saw was some egg noodles with spring onions in boiling water. A great, light vegetarian dish, perhaps?
  2. Fruit salad
    For the 1988 book Rock ‘n’ Roll Cuisine, Kim contributed a series of nine Polaroid photographs (remember those?) in which she made a fruit salad… with some Armagnac de Montal of course!
  3. Beef stock with beetroot soup, egg noodles with crab, paprika and lemon juice, Toast Newburg, Raspberries with egg custard, salad made from the tops of beetroot with roasted beetroot and garlic
    That’s a mouth full… these dishes were made when Kim participated in the November 9, 2001 edition of Celebrity Ready Steady Cook. She didn’t do it all on her own, of course; she had a little help from a chef.
  4. Summer pudding
    The recipe for this typically British dish appeared in the You are what you are cookbook, a book of celebrity recipes compiled to benefit BGC.
  5. Easter nest cakes
    What to do with the kids during Easter? Kim offered the advice of making easter nest cakes in an article on the Magnet Kitchens website.
  6. Beetroot and orange soup and rhubarb crumble
    Not one, but two recipes from Kim in an article of unknown origin, published during Kim’s promotional duties for the Dig your dinner campaign in 2008.
  7. Spicy koftas with herb salad, caramelised lemons and garlic tzatziki, chargrilled peppered lambsteak, onion goat’s cheese with balsamic cream lentils, roasted glazed baby orange carrots
    Made together with chef Lesley Waters, these dishes were presented in the May 19, 2008 edition of Ready Steady Cook.