Kim Wilde during the coronavirus crisis

Large parts of the world are now facing the biggest crisis since World War II, caused by a virus. Many countries have resorted to lockdown, curfews and other extreme measures, forcing people into their homes. It’s very shocking, but at Wilde Life we feel there’s no reason to become desperate.

If you are healthy and locked in at home, you’re probably bored as well. As a fan of Kim Wilde, you are probably interested in more information and Wilde Life will be offering it to you. Here’s a few things we are doing these coming weeks to keep you amused.

  1. There’s still a lot of articles and TV performances that need to be added to the website. If you keep an eye on the ‘Recent additions and changes’ column on the front page, you can see what we’re adding each and every day. There’s a lot of old stuff, obviously, but also some recent stuff to come.
  2. If you are following Wilde Life’s Instagram account, you can participate in our daily quiz. In March we’ve given you screenshots of music videos. That was easy. In April, you will have to identify TV appearances. More difficult and you will surely enjoy trying to identify them.
  3. Another forthcoming treat is a page with music files. They are already on the website, hidden away on various pages, but the all new music page will bring them all together for your enjoyment. You can look forward to hours of listening, right here on Wilde Life.

Of course we’ll keep you up to date on the latest Kim Wilde-related news whenever there’s anything to report. In the mean time, stay safe, stay healthy and keep up the social distancing.