Kim Wilde hits the UK charts

With her compilation album ‘Pop Don’t Stop’, Kim Wilde has reached the charts in the UK. Several charts, in fact, so here’s your guide into all the different placings.

The most important chart is the overall albums chart. A midweek placing at number 19 was a tad hopeful, but when the charts were finally announced last night, the album appeared at number 51. It is perhaps a bit disappointing, relatively speaking, but it’s still a respectable placing for this album, and it’s the number that will appear on the official charts page for Kim Wilde.
However, there are a few more charts: on the album sales charts, Kim comes in at number 8. On the Scottish albums chart, Kim is at number 8 as well.

A really good placing, then, for the single ‘Shine On’ with Boy George: the limited edition 7″ single sold well over the past week and comes in at number one in the Vinyl singles chart! Given that this was a limited edition, we fully expect this single to disappear next week, but this one’s in the pocket!