‘Kim Wilde’ in UK albums chart

Almost 40 years after its original release, Kim Wilde’s self-titled debut album is back in the albums chart – at least, the vinyl albums chart.

In the past week’s midweek chart, ‘Kim Wilde’ reached number 89, but the official albums top 100, announced yesterday evening, saw it drop just outside the top 100.

However, the UK also has a separate vinyl albums chart, for albums that are sold on the classic vinyl format. In that chart, ‘Kim Wilde’ entered at number 30.

And in the album sales chart – a chart that focuses on album sales, not streams – all three of the reissues have appeared: ‘Kim Wilde’ at number 52, ‘Select’ at number 63 and ‘Catch as catch can’ at number 73.

There is also an independent albums chart, where ‘Kim Wilde’ is in at number 13, ‘Select’ at number 18 and ‘Catch as catch can’ at number 24.

It’s a considerable success for the new releases by Cherry Pop.

All three albums are still available on various formats here: