Kim Wilde interview in Ireland’s Big Issue

A new interview with Kim Wilde is published in this month’s Ireland’s Big Issue, a magazine devoted to fighting homelessness.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept: homeless people are turned into self-employed vendors by selling the magazine at a profit. This enables them to earn a little bit of money that makes a significant difference to their lives. The magazine is published every 3 weeks and covers a wide range of local, national and international topics, including exclusive interviews, social issues, politics, history, health, lifestyle, photography, and film reviews.

It should be no surprise that the Covid pandemic has also affected the magazine: it is now available digitally only until further notice. The good news is: it enables anyone worldwide to read the magazine. Simply go to and read the november issue with the cover pictured here. Your donation of 3 pounds or more will be highly appreciated (and by including this interview in the magazine they’ve certainly earned it!).