Kim Wilde on Facebook: an introduction

Kim Wilde is on Facebook. Well, not really. Kim has never made an account herself and has never ‘friended’ or ‘unfriended’ in her life. But she can be found on Facebook. An introduction.

There are basically three types of Kim Wilde presences on Facebook: profiles, pages and groups. Wilde Life gives you an overview of all of them – plus which ones to avoid in order to maintain some sense of sanity.


Kim has never joined Facebook, but some people want you to think she has. You will find these three accounts:

Kim Wilde
A random selection of (publicly visible) photos, plus an impressive list of friends can’t hide the fact that this profile is fake. If you expect to communicate with Kim herself, think again.

-Aac Kim Wilde
It’s not exactly clear why the prefix -Aac is used, but this profile seems to be more active than the other one. Some of her friends seem to think that Kim has her birthday on February 2.


Kim Wilde (300.000+ followers)
This is Kim Wilde’s official Facebook page, maintained by her webmaster and (sometimes) her record company. Major updates are always given here.

Wilde Life | Official Kim Wilde fansite (1100+ followers)
The Facebook page that is the companion to this very website. You will find our news and blogs via this page. Obviously we recommend this Facebook page… but we’re biased. (425 followers)
The Facebook page that is the companion to the Polish website Postings are in Polish, the page is mostly active when Kim comes to Poland. (171 followers)
The Facebook page that is the companion – probably – to the German website The website is down, but the Facebook page is still active.

Kim Wilde (107 followers)
Sometimes we ask ourselves, ‘what’s the point?’. This community has us wondering why it exists. Nothing happening here, walk on. Best avoided.

Kim Wilde (74 followers)
This community started in 2011 and seems to have stopped in early 2012. You will find some random photographs here, but in the absence of activity this page is best avoided.


Anyone can start a group on Facebook, and many have. There is a complaint among Kim Wilde fans that there are so many different groups, it’s hard to keep track of them all. Here’s a rundown of them all.

It’s hard to grasp why this is the biggest Facebook group about Kim Wilde, but it is. Accessible for non-French speaking fans as well because of the large amount of photographs being posted here. You may have some trouble interpreting the comments though…

Kim Wilde UK Facebook Fanbase (1607 members)
The UK group has lost some members over the last few weeks, but it’s still one of the liveliest groups about Kim Wilde on Facebook. You will find photographs from records and TV appearances here, as well as an almost daily reminder that you should vote for Kim on the rather pointless Queen of Music website. A must-follow if you want to have at least one post about Kim Wilde in your timeline every day, no matter how repetitive.

International Kim Wilde Fanclub (1489 members)
While the UK Fanbase has been losing members recently, this one is steadily growing. The content is oddly similar: many members are the same, the postings are sometimes the same and you are reminded to vote on the rather pointless Queen of Music website here as well. Seems to be slightly more active, so more posts about Kim in your timeline every single day if you follow this one.

Kim Wilde (592 members)
By far the most postings on this group are made by Polish fan Slawek Borowski, who seems to have made it his personal mission to find images on this website (Wilde Life) and put them in the group. If you’re a regular visitor of this website, you can probably keep out of this particular Facebook group.

Fantastic KIM WILDE (508 members)
A lot of postings in this group are made by Jean-Paul Mignard from the blog Day by Day Kim Wilde, so if you want to know what’s happening on that website, you may want to join this group. Otherwise, there’s not much original content here.

Kim Wilde Sweden (498 members)
This is a closed group, so if you want to find out what’s happening here, you’ll have to join…

KIM WILDE FOREVER! (357 members)
Judging from the URL, this group was originally created to ‘get Kim Wilde back in the UK charts’, but the administrator has reverted to the more general purpose of celebrating Kim Wilde. Posts are mainly links to various websites and web pages dedicated to Kim.

Kim Wilde fans (274 members)
This group consists mainly of fans posting videos that are available on YouTube, plus more posts by Jean-Paul Mignard from the blog Day by Day Kim Wilde.

Dutch Crazy Kim Wilde Fans..Goes International (150 members)
This is a closed group, so if you want to find out what’s happening here, you’ll have to join… if you are crazy.

Originally dedicated exclusively to Kim’s 1990 album ‘Love moves’ (with posts about the album, singles and videos from the album), this group lay dormant for a couple of years. Late last year there has been some activity again, but unfortunately with more of the same content: vote for Kim on the Queen of Music website. Best avoided.

So beautiful Kim Wilde (18 members)
This is a closed group, so if you want to find out what’s happening here, you’ll have to join…

Lights down low – Kim Wilde
3 members
Come out and play – Kim Wilde
2 members
The names of these two groups are an indication of when they were created. The groups never really took off, but they are still there. A good place to start a fan appreciation society of this album and single, but don’t expect a lot of response…