Kim Wilde on the radio in Qatar

Kim Wilde still has a successful syndicated radio show in the shape of the ‘Kim Wilde 80s Show’. Over the past six years it has been broadcast in numerous countries around the world, and this weekend it has its premiere in Qatar.

QBS Radio is an English Service radio station, launched at the end of 1971 with an aim to cater to the English-speaking communities in Qatar. According to a press release, Kim has stated: “I am looking forward to working with QBS. I hope I get the chance not just to be on air, but also to visit Qatar as soon as travel becomes possible again and to join in with the station’s concerts and events.”

The show launches on February 20, at 4pm, and will air every Saturday at 4 pm subsequently. 

The Kim Wilde 80s Show is currently also broadcast by Radio Alfa in Denmark, every Sunday between 8 and 12 in the morning.