‘L.A. Dreamers’ out now

The first single of Ricky Wilde and Nina’s forthcoming album ‘Scala hearts’ is out today. It’s called ‘L.A. Dreamers’ and you can listen to it with your favourite streaming service.

In the latest episode of the podcast Unsung Heroes, Ricky said about the song: “The idea behind it lyrically was me and Nina sitting on a mountain overlooking L.A., seeing the lights glistening in the distance. It was almost a lovesong to L.A.” Nina added: “For me it became like those Hollywood movies where you see couples in the cars looking at the cliffs there. It’s romantic and it can be a little sexy, but it’s also very dreamy.”

‘L.A. Dreamers’ can be found via this link. You can also listen to the track via Spotify below.