Last copies of Kim Wilde biography for sale (+ FAQ)

Almost a year after its release, This Day In Music Books has announced that the last physical copies of the Kim Wilde biography ‘Pop Don’t Stop’ are being sold now. These last copies come with a signature of the author Marcel Rijs and when they’re gone, they’re gone: there are currently no plans for a reprint.

If you still want to own a copy, you can order one exclusively from the This Day In Music Books website.

Below we have added a list of Frequently Asked Questions, based on questions we’ve received over the past year. If you want to know anything else, please use this website’s Contact page. We’ll be happy to help.

Pop Don’t Stop: A Biography FAQ

Is it possible to order the book from somewhere else than the UK?
No, the only place where the physical book can be order is through This Day In Music Books. There is also an e-book version available from various websites in various territories.

Was Kim involved with the book?
Kim has written an introduction especially for the book and has also contributed new quotes throughout the book. (All the other quotes were taken from previously published articles and radio & TV interviews)

Will there be a French/German/Spanish/etc translation of this book?
There are no plans to translate this book in another language. It was originally written in English and it is published by a UK publisher. It seems unlikely that publishers abroad would be interested to publish a version in another language but they are of course welcome to contact us.

Does the book come with illustrations?
Yes, there are various photographs from throughout Kim’s career in the book, even starting with a photograph of Kim as a baby!

When the book is sold out, will there be a reprint?
It doesn’t seem likely that there will be a reprint. The e-book version will remain available through all the usual channels.