Love Moves Deluxe FAQ

With the re-release of three MCA albums at the end of September 2024, a lot of questions have arisen among fans. In a series of FAQs, we try to answer all your questions, album by album. If you have any additional questions, please contact us.

In this first FAQ, it’s all about Love Moves.

When was Love Moves originally released?
Love Moves was Kim’s seventh studio album, released two years after Close, in 1990.

Will Love Moves be released on vinyl?
Yes, there will be two vinyl releases in September: an orange coloured LP, and a picture disc LP. Both versions contain the full album, plus two bonus tracks: ‘Virtual World’ (originally the B-side of ‘It’s Here’) and ‘Kim Wilde Megamix’ (originally called ‘Sanjazz Megamix, the B-side of ‘I Can’t Say Goodbye’).

Will Love Moves be released on CD?
Certainly, the CD version will consist of two CD discs and one DVD disc.

Great! Will the CD’s contain any unreleased tracks?
Three tracks were not released before: an alternative mix of ‘It’s Here’ and the 7″ version and an acoustic mix of ‘World in Perfect Harmony’.

Will the CD’s have any tracks new to CD?
Two versions of ‘Can’t Get Enough (of Your Love)’ are new to CD: the 7″ edit and the Club Dub Mix. The edited version of the Sanjazz Megamix is also new to CD.

What’s the difference between the ‘7″ version’ of ‘Can’t Get Enough’ and the ‘7″ edit’?
If you remember, ‘Can’t Get Enough (of Your Love)’ was remixed by Steve Anderson and an edit of that remix appeared on the B-side of ‘World in Perfect Harmony’ – in other words, the 7″ edit.
The 7″ version is just an edited version of the album version.

Why are there no music videos of ‘World in Perfect Harmony’ and ‘I Can’t Say Goodbye’ on the DVD?
Ah, a simple answer: they were never made.

Where can I buy these products?
You can pre-order directly from Cherry Red: