“Message me privately”: the Kim Wilde con

If you’re a fan of Kim Wilde and active on social media you may have been contacted by Kim Wild, Jim Wilde or other variations of Kim Wilde, with the instruction to “message me privately”. You will primarily encounter them on Facebook and X, but sometimes these accounts even try to contact you via Telegram, Signal or Whatsapp.
If you do contact them, you are always offered something “exclusive”, like a VIP membership card or special access to Kim Wilde personally, either at home or backstage.

No, it’s not Kim Wilde

It’s necessary to stress that Kim is not contacting you personally. She will never do that. We’re sorry.
Unfortunately there are a lot of people trying to take advantage of fans of famous people. Kim Wilde fans are not the only ones that are targeted, almost every celebrity has these fake accounts trying to do the same thing. The only thing they’re after is… money. So if you’re asked to buy something, either with Paypal or Bitcoin or any other means, don’t do it. You will only lose money.

Report them please

If you are contacted by a Kim Wilde-ish account to “message me privately”, please do the one thing that really helps: report the account as someone impersonating a celebrity. The ‘three dots’ will take you there on Facebook and X.

Some examples of fake Kim Wilde profiles on Facebook.