New Marty Wilde documentary

A new 40 minute documentary about Marty Wilde was presented online by The Hub, shot at his home in Hertfordshire. Marty tells all about his early career, writing songs, and of course his recent album ‘Running Together’. Kim and Roxanne also speak in the documentary, and the three of them sing acoustic versions of the songs ‘Don’t Want To Fall In Love Again’ and ’60’s World’.

In the documentary, Kim says: “The first song I was introduced to from the album was Running Together, so we had to work out how to do a lockdown video for the song! Roxy and I had to do our own takes in our respective gardens, and mum had a few problems filming dad, so I came over and helped. It was kind of cobbled together, but actually both videos for Running Together and 60’s World have come together spontaneously, joyously, and inventively. Lockdown has meant we have been able to focus beautifully on this project.”

You can watch the documentary here.