'Snapshots' tracklisting revealed

'Snapshots' tracklisting revealed

July 27, 2011

Thanks to Amazon Germany, the tracklisting for 'Snapshots', Kim Wilde's forthcoming album of covers, was revealed today.

The full tracklisting is as follows:

  1. It's Alright (originally performed by East 17)
  2. Inbetween days (originally performed by The Cure)
  3. About you now (originally performed by The Sugababes)
  4. Sleeping satellite (originally performed by Tasmin Archer)
  5. To France (originally performed by Mike Oldfield, with vocals by Maggie Reilly)
  6. A little respect (originally performed by Erasure)
  7. Remember me (originally performed by Diana Ross)
  8. Anyone who had a heart (originally performed by Cilla Black)
  9. Wonderful life (originally performed by Black a.k.a. Colin Vearncombe)
  10. They don't know (originally performed by Kirsty Mc Coll)
  11. Beautiful ones (originally performed by Suede)
  12. Just what I needed (originally performed by The Cars)
  13. Ever fallen in love (originally performed by the Buzzcocks)
  14. Kooks (originally performed by David Bowie)

'Kooks' will be a duet of Kim with her husband Hal Fowler.

Originally the tracklist was supposed to be revealed three tracks at a time, starting yesterday, when Kim revealed the first three tracks on her  Facebook page. Since the information was changed on Amazon Germany overnight, the anticipation for the coming days has unfortunately been ruined.