Happy 2016 from Wilde Life!


Kim Wilde fans have a great year to look back to, and another very busy year to look forward to. Here's a taster of what you can expect here in the next twelve months...

After the busy month of December during which Kim promoted the Deluxe edition of 'Wilde Winter Songbook', the year 2016 will probably start quietly. However, the first live dates have already been announced on kimwilde.com, and more live dates will certainly be announced during the year.

And then, there's the eagerly awaited new album. Originally slated for release in 2015, the album now seems ready for a Summer 2016 release, which in turn will mean more promotional appearances during the autumn. Universal, meanwhile, is still sitting on expanded editions of Kim's albums 'Love moves' and 'Love is'... Who knows, perhaps they will surface during this year as well?

On the first day of 2016, Wilde Life wishes you an exciting, prosperous and healthy new year. May it bring you all you wish for... and more.