Mute Gods debut album released


The Mute Gods is a new band conceived by Kim's bassist Nick Beggs. The debut album 'Do nothing till you hear from me' is released today.

The Mute Gods were conceived by Nick Beggs as an outlet for his writing while he was touring with Kim Wilde, Steve Hackett and Steve Wilson between 2013 and 2015. The material was written and recorded in countless hotel rooms/back stage areas and dressing rooms around the world. Also including drummer Marco Minnemann and keyboardist and guitarist Roger King, the band delivers 'engaging, expansive rock music for the thinking person'.

The tracks on the album 'Do nothing till you hear from me' (which is released today) explore governments, corporations, media, and religious institutions, and look at how society is driven to distraction by these forces, taking focus away from important issues and meaningful personal priorities. Musically, the album seamlessly shifts from all-out progressive rock assaults to adventurous pop accessibility. Guest appearances on the record include Lula Beggs (Nick's daughter), Frank Van Bogaert, Nick Dvirgilio, Adam Holtzman, Gary O’Toole, Rob Reed and Ricky Wilde.

Find out more about the Mute Gods on the official website. You can order the album via Burning Shed or