James Stevenson releases career retrospective


Former Kim Wilde guitarist James Stevenson releases a career retrospective in February.

James Stevenson was recruited by Mickie Most to play guitar on Kim's debut album in 1981. He also played on Kim's second album 'Select' and did several promotional appearances as band member with Kim on television.

In February, Stevenson releases '40 years in the rock 'n' roll wilderness', a double cd featuring tracksfrom throughout his career. One of the tracks is 'Water on glass' with Kim Wilde. Other tracks on the album are with Annabel Lamb, Gene loves Jezebel, Chelsea, Glen Matlock And The Philistines and the International Swingers, to name but a few. You can pre-order on the James Stevenson website.

The full track listing is as follows:


1 Urban Kids (Chelsea)
2 Trouble Is The Day (Chelsea)
3 Barmy London Army (Charlie Harper)
4 Andy Warhol (Gen X live)
5 Baby Sign Here With Me (Henry Badowski)
6 Water On Glass (Kim Wilde)
7 Tell Him (Annabel Lamb)
8 Heat (Hot Club)
9 Don’t Worry (The Smart)
10 Big Tears (Gary Holton and The Gang Show)
11 Desire (Come And Get It) (Gene Loves Jezebel)
12 Break The Chain (Gene Loves Jezebel)
13 Brand New You’re Retro (Tricky)
14 Come Naturally (Gene Loves Jezebel)
15 Who Wants To Go To Heaven? (Jay Aston)
16 Jealous (acoustic version) (Gene Loves Jezebel)

17 45 RPM (The Alarm)
18 Superchannel (The Alarm)
19 My Town (The Alarm)
20 Move Over (Beki Bondage)
21 Sod The War (Chelsea)
22 Living In The Urban UK (Chelsea)
23 Cosy Family Way (Chelsea)
24 Home (Chelsea)
25 Open Mind (Glen Matlock And The Philistines)
26 Hey Mister (Glen Matlock And The Philistines)
27 FBI (The International Swingers)
28 Fool’s Holiday (The International Swingers)
29 Whatever Works Now (The International Swingers)
30 The Width Of A Circle (Live) (Holy Holy)
31 Suzi’s Problem (James Stevenson)
32 Come On People (James Stevenson)