Kim Wilde presents Bad Sex In Fiction Award


During an event in London, Kim Wilde has presented the Literary Review's 'Bad Sex In Fiction Award' to US author James Frey for his novel 'Katerina', a “fictional retelling” of a love affair the author started while on a hedonistic trip to France in the 1990s. The story follows Jay, a young American would-be writer, as he drinks and bonks his way around Paris, particularly with a Norwegian model named Katerina. The annual prize draws attention to poorly written passages of sexual descriptions in fiction, and was established in 1993 by literary critic Rhoda Koenig and Auberon Waugh, who was editor of Literary Review at the time.

Frey beat six other candidates to the award, including Haruki Murakami and the Man Booker prize-nominated Gerard Woodward. The award’s judges at the Literary Review said they had been swayed by several sex scenes in the novel, which include encounters in a car park and in the back of a taxi, but were especially convinced by an extended scene in a Paris bathroom between Jay and Katerina that features eight references to ejaculate.

During the ceremony, Kim commented 'What a kinky little gathering this is' and 'I do feel slightly turned on'.