Ricky Wilde in 'Disruptive Entrepreneurs' podcast


Ricky Wilde is one of the guests in the 400th edition of the Disruptive Entrepreneurs podcast. Rob Moore talks to successful people in the creatives and arts industry. Kevin Clifton, Ricky Wilde and Jake Wood join him to talk about their respective careers and how they’re able to climb up the ladder of success.

Ricky has some interesting comments about how he became successful for almost four decades now. 'Fear', he answers, 'I was petrified of having short term success and I was so scared of that happening that it just drove me to make sure that it didn't happen. So I think a lot of it was fear and insecurity, really.'

He adds: 'In the very early days, (...) dad and I wrote the first album for Kim, and so, there's Dad and Kim, and it was this whole... - If I didn't come up with the goods, it wasn't just me I'm letting down, it's Dad and Kim and it's family. I think that was an added pressure for me. I look back on those days, I was only eighteen when I wrote 'Kids in America' and after that (...) it was number one pretty much all over the world, that was one of the first songs I'd ever written. So Mickie Most, who was my mentor, he owned RAK Records that signed Kim, he said 'You'd better go in and do an album'. I'd never recorded an album. So that was another added pressure. Kicking off so high and then keeping at that level. I look back on it now and I think 'how did I do that?'. I really don't know.'

The episode can be seen on YouTube, it is enclosed on this page below. You can also follow the podcast via iTunes and Stitcher. Rumour has it that Ricky will start his own series of podcasts. When that happens, you'll read about it on this website of course!

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