Kim Wilde Video Archive

Earlier this year, Wilde Life and WildeTapes entered into a partnership to replicate and consolidate their respective video collections. What this means is that both parties will collect and share as much videos of Kim Wilde as they can for an offline archive that can be used as a reference for this website, while also offering a lot of video content on YouTube. By storing the complete collection in two separate locations, nothing will be lost in case of emergencies or unexpected circumstances.

It has also meant that the listing of TV appearances on this website has become even more complete – with many more appearances being added later this year to the Radio & TV section of this website. Meanwhile, WildeTapes has made beautiful compilations of Kim Wilde appearances from the past. You can see a good selection already, starting in 1981 and going on until 1992 – with more parts added as weeks go by. You can watch the Kim Wilde Video Archive on YouTube.