Now & Forever Deluxe FAQ

With the re-release of three MCA albums at the end of September 2024, a lot of questions have arisen among fans. In a series of FAQs, we try to answer all your questions, album by album. If you have any additional questions, please contact us.

In this last FAQ, it’s all about Now & Forever.

When was Now & Forever originally released?
Now & Forever was Kim’s ninth studio album, released three years after Love Is, in 1995.

Will Now & Forever be released on vinyl?
Yes, the album will get its first ever vinyl release this year, pressed on two white vinyl discs.

Will Now & Forever be released on CD?
Yes, the album will be released as a three CD and one DVD package.

Great! Will the CD’s contain any previously unreleased tracks?
The main draw on this release are some remixes of ‘Kids in America’, created for the ‘Kids in America 1994’ campaign the year before this album’s release. There’s an original 1994 version, a 12″ version, the Jimix Remix and the Maximum Development 12” to look forward to.
There’s also an original version of ‘Breakin’ Away’, which was only ever released on an obscure MCA ‘various artists’ promotional CD.

Will the CD’s have any tracks new to CD?
You may recall that back in 1995 and 1996, MCA released various promotional 12″ singles with remixes that were never released on CD. That changes here. A total of nine tracks appear on CD for the first time:

  • Breakin’ Away (T-Empo Dub)
  • Breakin’ Away (Matt Darey Dub)
  • Heaven (Original 12”)
  • Heaven (Eddy Fingers Dub)
  • Heaven (Matt Darey Dub)
  • Shame (Jupiter’s 12” Mix)
  • Shame (T-Empo’s Dub Mix)
  • Shame (Matt Darey Dub)
  • Kids in America (X Club Dub)

I am missing some tracks on this set. Why is that?
Releasing Now & Forever on 3 CD’s and a DVD is already a generous offering, but in order to offer some unreleased tracks, a few familiar remixes had to be left out. Which ones and why are explained here:

  • Kids in America 1994 (House Mix) > aside from some subtle difference, this is very much alike the Extension mix.
  • Kids in America 1994 (Instrumental) > Mainly left out for space reasons, and certainly less interesting than the mixes that were included.
  • Kids in America 1994 (X Cut Cut) > This was already released on the box set Pop Don’t Stop: Greatest Hits, so you can find it there.
  • Kids in America 1994 (Reggae Radio Version) > An obscure fan favourite, but only ever released in Scandinavia on a tape and so far it hasn’t surfaced from the vaults.

Where can I buy these products?
You can pre-order directly from Cherry Red: