Out now: ‘Kim Wilde’, ‘Select’ and ‘Catch as catch can’!

Today is release day for the deluxe remastered and expanded reissues of Kim Wilde’s RAK era albums, ‘Kim Wilde’, ‘Select’ and ‘Catch as Catch Can’.

All three albums are available as 2cd+dvd sets, featuring new remixes by Matt Pop, Luke Mornay, Popfidelity Allstars, Eddie Said & Luke Nutley and Project K, a lot of original demos and rough mixes, and video material that has never been released before, such as the full length shower take of the ‘Chequered love’ music video and several TV performances from the BBC.

The albums are also available on coloured vinyl: yellow (‘Kim Wilde’), white (‘Select’) and blue (‘Catch as catch can’). All the albums were remastered from the original tapes by Tom Parker, and the 2cd+dvd sets contain liner notes by Wilde Life’s own webmaster and “Kim Wilde expert” Marcel Rijs.

Below is the third in our unboxing video series, demonstrating the 2CD+DVD ‘Catch as catch can’ set. Turn your sound on and also get a sneak preview of the new ‘Love Blonde’ IPFA Special Remix! This edition of the album ‘Catch As Catch Can’ features the original album, remastered from the original tapes, along with B-sides, remixes and a DVD with TV appearances and music videos.

You can order all the albums using these links:


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