Radio & TV 1982

Date Programme Channel Type
Sounds Australia TV
Zoom Germany TV
WROK Australia TV
Countdown ABC (Australia) TV
Collaro France TV
Grey street RAI (Italy) TV
TF1 special TF1 (France) TV
Years ahead UK TV
World music festival UK TV
Superclassifica Italy TV
Popcorn Canale 5 (Italy) TV
M&G Switzerland TV
Discoring RAI (Italy) TV
My top 12 BBC Radio (UK) Radio
Rock and Pop Awards TV
B&L commercial Japan TV
Chansons à la carte RTBF (Belgium) TV
Champs Elysées France TV
Tiswas ITV (UK) TV
View from a bridge (music video) TV
Toppop AVRO (Netherlands) TV
Help a London Child Capital Radio (UK) Radio
Musikladen ARD (Germany) TV
Top of the Pops BBC (UK) TV
Transit France TV
Formule 1+1 France TV
Bananas ARD (Germany) TV
Tre per tre RAI (Italy) TV
Razzmatazz UK TV
Child come away (music video) TV
[unknown] UK TV
Razzmatazz ITV (UK) TV
Musical Express TVE (Spain) TV
Cadence 3 France TV
Vorsicht Musik Germany TV
This is your life: Marty Wilde BBC (UK) TV
First time out BBC (UK) TV