My top 12

BBC Radio (UK)

BBC Radio broadcasts the programme 'My top 12' in which Kim presents her favourite 12 singles. Kim: 'I really enjoyed doing it and can't wait to take over the air waves again.'

The playlist looked as follows:
"Stupid cupid" - Connie Francis
"Off the hook" - Rolling Stones
"Can you hear me?" - David Bowie
"Attention Stockholm" - Virna Lindt
"Candy skin" - Fire Engines
"Sorry for laughing" - Josef K
"The race is on" - Dave Edmunds
"San Francisco" - Scott MacKenzie
"Say a little prayer" - Aretha Franklin
"My baby left me" - Elvis Presley
"No easy way down" - Dusty Springfield
"I'm along gone daddy" - Hank Williams