Radio & TV 1987

Date Programme Channel Type
Hallå Skandinavien Norway TV
Embarquement immediat France TV
Video Music Box USA TV
Hit des clubs M6 (France) TV
The new music Sky Channel (UK) TV
[unknown] USA TV
No limits UK TV
Avis de recherche France TV
Festivalbar '87 Canale 5 (Italy) TV
Much Music Much Music (Canada) TV
Çeşme Music Festival [unknown] (Turkey) TV
Musica RAI (Italy) TV
Fan club USA TV
Hit des clubs M6 (France) TV
Anything she does (Genesis) (music video) TV
Hit parade RAI (Italy) TV
Wedden dat AVRO (Netherlands) TV
Champs Elysées France TV
Tam tam TV6 (France) TV
A la folie France TV
Midem UK TV
Cargo de nuit RTBF (Belgium) TV
Bingo BRT (Belgium) TV
British Record Industry Awards BBC (UK) TV
Rockin' at the speed of light Music Box (UK) TV
Ambitions France TV
Another step (closer to you) (music video) TV
Wogan BBC (UK) TV
Let it be (Ferry Aid) (Music video) TV
Toppop AVRO (Netherlands) TV
Jim'll fix it BBC (UK) TV
Roadshow UK TV
Good morning Britain ITV (UK) TV
Action for AIDS concert Super Channel (UK) TV
Saturday Superstore BBC (UK) TV
UK Top 40 Sky Channel (UK) TV
Live from the Palladium ITV (UK) TV
Sky Channel Sky Channel (UK) TV
Top of the Pops BBC (UK) TV
Humanitarian Awards BBC (UK) TV
[unknown] RTS (Switzerland) TV
Montreux Rock Festival 1987 BBC (UK) TV
Cocoricoboy TF1 (France) TV
American Top 10 USA TV
Kenny Everett Show UK TV
Say you really want me (music video) TV
Say you really want me (extended music video) TV
The Krankies' Elektronik Komik BBC (UK) TV
Solid gold Japan TV
Solid gold USA TV
Good morning Britain ITV (UK) TV
The Roxy ITV (UK) TV
Disco d'Or au soleil France TV
Love me tender - A tribute to Elvis Presley UK TV
A2 Journal A2 (France) TV
Mini Playback Show KRO (Netherlands) TV
Rockin' around the Christmas tree (music video) TV
Wogan BBC (UK) TV
Wogan BBC (UK) TV