Radio & TV 1988

Date Programme Channel Type
X Large Germany TV
La une est à vous France TV
A2 journal A2 (France) TV
Jimmy Greaves ITV (UK) TV
The Factory Australia TV
Azzurro Italy TV
Galazzurro 88 Canale 5 (Italy) TV
GDTV Sky Channel (UK) TV
Mastermind Waterfront UK TV
1 2 3 Jovanotti Italy TV
WWF Club Germany TV
Eurochart Tele 5 (UK) TV
Dee Jay Italia1 (Italy) TV
Kulturreportage Germany TV
Festivalbar 88 Canale 5 (Italy) TV
Michael Jackson special 3sat (Germany) TV
Die Spielbude Germany TV
P.I.T. Germany TV
Toppop Norway TV
Door 113 UK TV
Good morning Australia Australia TV
Rockopop TVE (Spain) TV
Midday Australia TV
1 2 3 Jovanotti Italy TV
Eurochart Sky Channel (UK) TV
Domenica RAI (Italy) TV
Wide Awake Club ITV (UK) TV
Clip Clap RTL (France) TV
Deejay Italia1 (Italy) TV
Music Box Super Channel (UK) TV
Wide Awake Club ITV (UK) TV
Zick Zack Sweden TV
The Show MTV Europe (UK) TV
MTV MTV (Australia) TV
Hit M6 (France) TV
Sacrée Soirée TF1 (France) TV
Countdown Sky Channel (UK) TV
Discoring RAI (Italy) TV
Comic Relief BBC (UK) TV
Formel Eins Germany TV
Hey mister heartache (music video) TV
Countdown Veronica (Netherlands) TV
Countdown Sky Channel (UK) TV
Toppop AVRO (Netherlands) TV
Childeric France TV
Rockline [unknown] (UK) Radio
After ten with Tarbuck UK TV
RTL RTL (France) Radio
Sky Rock Sky Rock (France) Radio
Lahaye d'honneur TF1 (France) TV
Downtown DRS (Switzerland) TV
Montreux Rock Festival 1988 BBC (UK) TV
Splash UK TV
Sacrée Soirée France TV
Network 7 UK TV
You came (music video) TV
Wogan BBC (UK) TV
Thames News UK TV
8.15 from Manchester UK TV
The last resort UK TV
But first this UK TV
Top of the Pops BBC (UK) TV
Na siehste ZDF (Germany) TV
Kim Wilde in Sopot Poland TV
Countdown Veronica (Netherlands) TV
Countdown Sky Channel (UK) TV
Club Dorothée France TV
Avis de recherche France TV
Never trust a stranger (music video) TV
[unknown] WXKS, Boston (USA) Radio
Tele Caroline FR3 (France) TV
La classe FR3 (France) TV
Top of the Pops BBC (UK) TV
Inside Track USA Radio
Popformule Sky Channel (UK) TV
Hey hey it's Saturday Channel Nine (Australia) TV
Four letter word (music video) TV
The Palladium UK TV
Motormouth UK TV
Téléthon France TV
Tineke Veronica (Netherlands) TV
Des O'Connor Tonight Granada (UK) TV
Dimanche Martin France TV
Top of the Pops BBC (UK) TV
Going live UK TV
Dee Jay Italy TV
Night tracks UK TV
Cannon and Ball Show Granada (UK) TV
The Great British Pop Machine ITV (UK) TV
Cilla's Goodbye '88 New Year's Eve Show UK TV