Am Nachmittag

Harmony FM (Germany)

Kim is interviewed via telephone. The Harmony FM team sings ‘Happy birthday’ for her, and a few minutes later she is interviewed by the presenter of the show.

Happy Birthday Kim.
Thank you very much!

And Kim also celebrates her birthday here in Germany. Where exactly do you celebrate?
Well, I’m gonna be in Dresden, and tomorrow I’m gonna be in Berlin, but today we are in Dresden. I’ve just landed, and we’re really looking forward to it. And I’ve had a lovely day. I got masses of tweets, and lots of birthday presents, and thank you very much for singing ‘Happy birthday’ to me!

How do you celebrate? Who is with you?
Well my brother is me, my niece Scarlett, who sings with me, my guitarist Neil and my drummer Johnny and my guitarist Neil, my brother Ricky – sorry I said that didn’t I? I’m a little bit excited. We’ve been rehearsing an acoustic set and we’re gonna be doing that later. So we’re just off on our way to have some fun!

Is it bad to become 50?
No, 50 is the new 30, it’s what somebody told me, I think it’s so true.

Are there any presents for you?
Yeah, I got a beautiful handmade present from my daughter Rose, and a poem, and I got 50 red roses from my parents, which look absolutely stunning. But I’m gonna have the rest of it when I get home. Share them with my husband and the rest of my family and open it with them. Had a great birthday cake!