HR3 Poptalk

HR3 (Germany)

Kim is interviewed by Lidia Antonini.

‘I’ve always loved my birthday’, says Kim Wilde.
Kim, Sabrina would say ‘Kimmy’, Kim Wilde is a real popstar.
‘I did really fancy being a popstar when I was 20, I mean, that really did appeal to me a lot, you know. I can’t pretend otherwise, and then all the stuff that came with it I was more than happy to take on board. But it wasn’t the reason why I got into it.’
Her father is Marty Wilde, a rock ‘n’ roller from the first hour. Her mother Joyce was one of the Vernons Girls. ‘That’s when it all started’.
After the big successes she devoted herself to her family. She became a garden designer and her music career is back again.
‘And it comes from a lot of different places, it comes from a very strong and happy family life that I have with my husband and two children, and our dog. And it comes from an incredible energy that I get from the audiences that I encounter these days.’
When she speaks about her family, she beams.
‘Just last year, last Christmas in fact, it was my gift to him’. She gave her husband a ring last Christmas, with the inscription: ‘Love conquers all’.
‘Rose, my daughter plays the piano and she sings very nicely and I think she will certainly wander towards the music world.’
Her son Harry is twelve and plays guitar on her recent album. And Kim’s brother Ricky?
‘The master creator, my Frankenstein, who created all the hits for me and the productions that made my career what it is.’
‘I’m happy either way, I’ve got a lovely life. The happiest parts of it no-one can take away from me.’
And there’s something else: ‘Every time when November 18 comes around, whatever year it’s been, since I was a kid, it’s always been a great day. And no doubt, my 50th will be a great day, one way or another.’
The question whether she has any fear for the 50th is answered like this: ‘Cliff Richard, apparently, he said that 70 is the new 50. So I decided that 50 is the new 30.’