Tracks of my years

BBC Radio 2 (UK)

Kim appears on Ken Bruce’s show, presented by Richard Allinson, on BBC Radio 2 for the fifth and last part of ‘Tracks of my years’, talking about two of her favourite songs: ‘Summer (The first time)’ by Bobby Goldsboro and ‘Can’t help falling in love’ by Elvis Presley.

Summer (The first time) – Bobby Goldsboro
I loved the song when it first came out, I don’t know what year it came out, it was probably when I was much younger. The point that I found the song extremely sexy of course was when I became an older woman… Need I say more… I won’t go into any details but certainly that song is an incredibly potent song… It makes me just quiver to talk about it now.

I can’t help falling in love – Elvis Presley
There’s gotta be an Elvis one in there. I grew up with Elvis, watching my dad singing Elvis, watching backstage as he was a cabaret artist entertaining people, singing with such passion. I remember the day Elvis died. It was such a big part of our life, a big part of our family. Even now if I hear his music it takes my breath away so often. And this song I remember my dad singing and that’s why I chose this particular one because it’s a great song.