Tracks of my years

BBC Radio 2 (UK)

Kim appears on Ken Bruce’s radio show, presented by Richard Allinson, on BBC Radio 2 for the first part of ‘Tracks of my years’, talking about two of her favourite songs: ‘Anyone who had a heart’ by Cilla Black and ‘Can we still be friends’ by Todd Rundgren.

Anyone who had a heart – Cilla Black
‘I don’t know what year, ’62? ’63?, I was only three years old and I remember mum and dad had the radio on in the house and listening to all kinds of fantastic music at thar time. I remember Gene Pitney, the Beatles, The Kinks and all kinds of great music coming out of that box. Anyone who had a heart, there was something about the way Cilla sang it, not Dionne Warwick or anyone else. Heartrending stuff.’

Can we still be friends – Todd Rundgren
‘I love Todd Rundgren. He wails like a banshee. I love singers who wail like banshees. Elvis Costello, he can do that sometimes. His songwriting is quite superb, I’ve got many of his albums. One in particular called ‘Acapella’ where he’s sung all the instruments including the drums and percussion. It sounds a bit technical that, but I’m trying not to distract from the fact that his songwriting is quite superb. It’s a very honest song, I’m very attracted to honest songs.’